Reus 2 – Game Review

A God simulating roguelike, Reus released to great fan and critical acclaim back in 2013. Finally, Abbey Games have saw their senses after once again dipping into the god game genre with Godhood and finally made a sequel to Reus. Reus 2 released in May 2024 and immediately blew me away with its art design, fun but simple gameplay, and mass amount of unlocks. So, let’s take a deeper look at Reus 2…..

Details of Reus 2

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Developer: Abbey Games  

Publisher: Firesquid

Platform: PC (Steam), Windows

Release Date: 28th May 2024

Price: £20.99

Story of Reus 2

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Reus 2 sees players create their own universes filled with planets that represent each playthrough. Starting out players will have the Forest, Ocean, and Stone Giants but can unlock more through leveling up. These Giants allow the player to place down biomes, which allow people to create settlements as well as place other items. Such as animals, minerals, and plants. Starting out you will only have access to a couple of each item but can unlock more through leveling up, as well as using drafts that you get from completing settlement goals. Your goal is to try and complete as many goals as possible as you make your way through different eras on the planets.

Originally starting with only one era playable, players will proceed to unlock a total of three. Which significantly increases gametime on runs as well as broadens the players choices for developing the planets. Having more time to develop your planets is crucial to reaching some of the higher levels of the goals.

Analysis of Reus 2


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As mentioned before, gameplay sees players choose three Giants to help them terraform the planets before starting. My favorite combination is the Forest, Ocean, and Frost. You also have to pick your human character. This will determine your starting settlement, and depending on who you pick might make certain era options harder or easier to obtain. Games will last between 1-3 eras (depending on the player’s level) and can change drastically depending on the eras you select.

The game world is a cute little circle that loops back around, providing easy maneuverability between settlements. Which are also usefully color coordinated, helping you to tell them apart.  

Unlocking Gods

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The Giants are the most crucial aspect of the game and your most useful tool in terraforming planets. They are used to create biomes and place plants, animals, and minerals which are crucial in leveling up settlements.

Summary of Reus 2

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Reus 2 is a brilliant Godlike simulation roguelike which provides amazingly addictive gameplay in a fun art style. Playing on the Steam Deck I found myself getting lost in the game. Always saying one more go and pushing back a variety of tasks that needed doing around the house. The game could offer some more Giants to pick from, but the ones provided do offer a good amount of diversity. I only desire more because they were by far the standout mechanic/feature of the game. If you love city management games, roguelikes, or God simulators you must play Reus 2. It will definitely be on my game of the year list!

Recommended: Yes (Must PLAY!)

Platform Played On: Steam Deck