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I first stumbled upon Road Redemption a few years ago. After rewatching Sons of Anarchy I desperately wanted to play some sort of biker game. Unfortunately, there many biker games. I tried GTA IV: Lost and Damned DLC but couldn’t get into it. That’s when I found Road Redemption. Having been getting into Roguelikes as well at the time, I was intrigued enough to buy it. A few years later, I’m still playing it every once in a while. Here is our Road Redemption review…

Details of Road Redemption

Road Redemption on Steam
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Developer: Redemption Road & Pixel Dash Studios

Publisher: Tripwire Presents  

Platform: PC (Steam, GoG) Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, Mobile, Google Play, Apple, iOs

Release Date: 4th October 2017

Price: £14.99

Story of Road Redemption

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With Road Redemption being a roguelike there isn’t much of a story. More of a level based progression system that resets each time you die. The goal of which is to make it across the map alive. The little bit of back story provided is “lead your motorcycle gang across the country, in a brutal cross country adventure.”

Analysis of Road Redemption


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Road Redemption sees players take on multiple events across the map, competing in races, time trials, boss battles, and more as you try to make it to the other side. The game is a roguelike so if you die you do have to painfully restart your progress. Thankfully there are some perks you can unlock with XP earned across your runs. These grant you additional weapons, stats, and even starting positions. Allowing you to start runs at higher levels.

Additional bikes and riders can be unlocked through various challenges. All providing their own unique twist, via bonuses to stats, appearance and more. Even better is that the game can be played entirely in Co-Op. Up to four players can play locally providing a couch gaming experience that hasn’t been as popular in recent years as it once was.


Road Redemption review |
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Controls can feel like you’re driving across ice at times, even in the best handling bikes. Especially when you reach the rooftop stages and are forced to jump from building to building. You can often find yourself being flung from the track. Using equipment and weapons also takes some getting used to but is nowhere near as bad as the handling.

Summary of Road Redemption

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Despite the learning curve, and patience required to get used to the buttery movement the game does have a lot to offer. It does provide a fun gameplay experience that is only multiplied in Co-Op. You also have to commend the game for supporting Co-Op when less and less games are doing so. It truly is a blast of the past. If you like roguelikes, racing, or old school arcade games, Road Redemption will provide you with hours of fun gameplay. Just be prepared to scream once or twice as you accidentally yeet yourself of the track.

Overall Rating: 7.5 – Good!

Platform Played On: Steam Deck, Laptop/PC

Recommendation: Yes!

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