Gigapocalypse – PC – Game Review


Details of Gigapocalypse

Developer: Goody Gameworks

Publisher: Headup

Platform: PC – Steam  

Release Date: 22, July 2021 (Early Access), 12 November 2021 Full Release


Is a small indie, old-school 2D side scroller, arcade like, Kaiju game. At a measly £7.99 this game is worth every penny of that small price tag. Ever wanted to feel like Gojira (Godzilla) stomping his way through Tokyo, Japan? Well now you can feel just that, the pure adrenalin which comes when you bring military buildings and skyscrapers alike down with ease. This maybe a “simple” indie game yet I love it! It is crammed with little features and lots of replay ability and variety in both customizations, Kaijus and pets! Also, if that isn’t enough to get you interested the is also leaderboards for the endless mode of each level. Pitting players to compete for the coveted first place position, I myself am around #110 in two levels’ leaderboards. Try to beat my score (Steam: ChronicleNinja7).

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Story of Gigapocalypse

The main campaign consists of you selecting you monster from three different classes the BLANKS, BLANKS, or BLANKS. I personally choose the one most similar to Godzilla, BLANK. You then play through six levels, Suburbs, Wild West, Knight Age, Lost Island, Metro Dome,  and Eternal City. All the while using mutation points to upgrade your monsters’ abilities, customize its appearance, and equip and upgrade pets. The amount of customization is staggering for such as small game, for £7.99 you really get your money worth. The campaign is short and will only take a few hours to complete, however having nine monsters to control the is quite a lot of depth and replay ability in Gigapocalypse.

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Pros of Gigapocalypse

The gameplay is easy to pick up and not as demanding on the hands when playing with keyboard and mouse as some other games. The configuration of the controls works well and personally for my hypermobility is well organized resulting in longer gaming sessions without pain. The amount of customization in the form of skins/costumes for each Kaiju/monster is really pleasing to see. It offers a small change in the form of a small buff and obvious visual change. Yet is enough to keep your favorite monster fresh whilst you anxiously attempt to break your record on the leaderboards.

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Cons of Gigapocalypse

I do wish the was more bosses as the measly 6 is worth the money the game is asking for, yet for a game in 2022 you would expect a little more side content. Yet the game is only a small indie game, and the developer is actively updating the game. With a console release due soon. Even adding more content and engaging with the fanbase, he has commented on multiple of my screenshots for example. The boss battles was a bit lack luster as well however the train boss impressed me the most. I found the mini games in the boss battles more tedious than entertaining. Often finding it pulled me out of the immersion rather than further immersing me into the game’s world.

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Summary of Gigapocalypse

The game is a perfect 2D scroller which offers such variety in its measly £7.99 price tag. The games graphics are a nostalgic delight looking akin to flash games I used to play or even games on my old Gameboy advance. The Wilhelm scream sound effect is the cherry on top, making me reminisce about Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and all other TV/films/games where I have heard this iconic scream. Even though the game is relatively short the is a ton of replay value with the varying monsters, the leaderboards. The is even a Halloween event where you fight a pumpkin boss. In conclusion Gigapocalypse is well more than worth the price point it asks for and is definitely worth your time. This indie is a definite must buy for any gamer or Kaiju fan, for its price point it is absolutely perfect even with its flaws.

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 Overall Rating: 10 – Perfect!

Platform Played On: Steam

Game Time At Review: 8 Hours

Recommendation: Yes

You can purchase Gigapocalypse here!

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