Is This The End For The Batman: Arkham Series?

Just like the Batman, Batman: Arkham Asylum came out of nowhere and delighted both fans and critics. It was hands down the best Batman game we had every got to experience. Perfectly placing us beneath the cowl as we sneak and fight our way through the prison. With Joker and Harley Quinn staging a riot and taking over the facility. Your first outing as Batman is sure to be a tough one. The developers at Rocksteady even had the magnificent minds to cast BTAS Batman and Joker, portrayed perfectly by Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill. The game was such an outstanding hit it went on to have two sequels and two spin-offs. However, the recent Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has potentially killed off that universe in the most unceremonious fashion. With Suicide Squad flopping is this the end for the Batman: Arkham series?

Batman: Arkham Spin-Offs

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate | Nintendo 3DS games | Games | Nintendo
Image Source: Nintendo

There have been a few attempts to branch out the Arkham universe, there’s an animated movie, comics, and games. Let’s focus on the game spinoffs. First came Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, a 2D platformer/brawler that launched on the PSVita.

Gaming review: Batman: Arkham Origins | The Independent | The Independent
Image Source: The Independent

Then of course you have Batman: Arkham Origins which is technically a spin-off due to change in developer, voice actors, and not being included within the Arkham Trilogy. It is however an amazing game in my opinion. Finally giving us a game which just chucks an obscene amount of DC characters at you. Somewhat akin to the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games in which there would be an impressively large amount of characters you could fight as boss battles. Of course, a lot of fans don’t have the same warm, bubbly feelings towards the prequel. A lot of fans rank it as the worst in the series.

Croc in AK is scarier than Asylum or City hands down *shudder* : r/ BatmanArkham
Image Source: Reddit

Lastly, you have Batman Arkham VR which was outstanding use of, at the time, trending technology. The story, although enthralling, was way to short to be called a “game”. Many gamers were able to complete it in a mere 10 minutes. So, it all depends how much you value a Killer Croc jump scare in VR. I for one will pass on the heart attack, thank you!

Suicide Squad: Kills the Arkham Series!

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League 'has fallen short of our  expectations,' Warner says | PC Gamer
Image Source: PC Gamer

Although none of those spinoff games mentioned was received overwhelmingly, none of them killed the franchise. Sadly, were finally getting a continuation of the series one that was teased all the way back at the end of Batman: Arkham Origins, a suicide Squad game! Aptly named as the it seems to be Arkham universe’s suicide. There was no real need to set the game in the Arkham franchise. If we kill the Justice League why set it in the Arkham universe? Why bring Batman back just to kill him again? It all seems like a weird way to bring the bat back after his proposed fiery death via explosion, as seen in Arkham Knight. Let’s hope we get a true continuation of the universe and have some sort of retcon making this a branched universe that spun off the main Arkham one.


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    Movie: Argylle  Production Companies: Apple Original Films, Marv Studios, Cloudy Productions Director: Matthew VaughnProducers: Matthew Vaughn, Adam Bohling, David Reid, Jason Fuchs Scriptwriter: Jason Fuchs Main Cast: Henry Cavill, Sam Rockwell, Bryan Cranston, Catherine O’Hara, Bryce Dallas Howard Release Date: 1st February 2023 (UK) Running Time: 139 minutesCertificate: 12A Introduction  Bare with me through this […]
  • The Zone of Interest Review
    Movie: The Zone of Interest Production Company: Film4 Productions Director: Jonathan Glazer Producers: Reno Antoniades, Daniel Battsek, Len Blavatnik Scriptwriters: Jonathan Glazer Main Cast: Christian Friedel, Sandra Huller Release Date: 2nd February 2024 Running Time: 105 minutes Certificate: 12A Introduction: Based on a horrifying true story, Jonathan Glazer’s depiction of a family living next to […]
  • Doctor Who: Series 5 (2010) Review
    It appears as if Doctor Who is undergoing a renaissance amongst the British viewing public. The 60th anniversary specials have chimed with what a certain generation recognises as their Doctor Who; with David Tennant and Catherine Tate both reprising their beloved roles. As well as the mastermind of the series’ 21st century revival firmly back […]
  • Cult of the Lamb – Game Review
    An adorably cute roguelike in which you are discarded by the Gods you held dear. Deciding to go out on your own and adopt your own followers. Formally starting the Cult of the Lamb. Let’s look at one of the best Indie games of 2022. Here is our Cult of the Lamb Game Review… Details […]
  • 10 Possible Storylines for WWE Wrestlemania 40
    Introduction Well, that was a bit of meh beginning to Wrestlemania season…. Despite an enjoyable women’s rumble, the men’s rumble ultimately ended up being as memorable as Paul Di Resta’s F1 career. Oh, and the single most predictable end to the World Title match ever because even Stevie Wonder could have seen that coming. But […]
  • Theatre Review: Macbeth
    Synopsis of Macbeth Based on the classic play written by William Shakespeare, this version of Macbeth has been performed creatively by the two performing members of the theatre company ‘Out of Chaos’. These two performers played all the roles in the play between them both. The play follows Macbeth, who is prophesied to become King […]
  • Slither (Gunn, 2006) – Movie Review
    Taking inspiration from Tremors, Evil Dead, Dawn of the Dead, and The Fly, Slither is James Gunn’s tribute to 70’s/80s horror films. With just enough comedy thrown in to keep you chuckling throughout and more than one twist that will keep you unsure of how it will end. Details of Slither Distributor: Universal Pictures, TVA Films, […]
  • All of Us Strangers Review
    Movie: All of Us Strangers Production Company: Searchlight Pictures, Blueprint Pictures, Film4 Productions, TSG Entertainment Director: Andrew Haigh Producers: Sarah Harvey, Peter Czernin, Graham Broadbent Scriptwriters: Andrew Haigh Main Cast: Andrew Scott, Paul Mescal, Jamie Bell, Claire Foy Release Date: 26th January 2024 Running Time: 105 minutes Certificate: 15 Introduction: Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal […]
  • Movie Review: District 9 (Blomkamp, 2009)
    Movie: District 9 Production Companies: QED International, WingNut Films, TriStar Pictures Director: Neill Blomkamp Producers: Peter Jackson, Carolynne Cunnigham Scriptwriters: Neill Blomkamp, Terri TatchellMain Cast: Sharlto Copley, Jason Cope, David James, Vanessa Haywood Release Date: September 4th 2009 (UK) Running Time: 112 minutes Certificate: 15 Introduction I don’t remember this version of District 9 from […]
  • White Collar – TV Series Review
    White Collar is inspired on the real life of Frank Abagnale. Thief turned FBI informant and consultant. He was known worldwide for how brilliantly smart and resourceful he was. Managing to forge documents, steal art, and countless other crimes that require a high technical ability. The real life story also got adapted into a movie- […]
  • Fargo Season 5 Finale and Ole Munch’s Origin Reveal
    With the end of a season comes the end of the story, which naturally, leads to the conclusive display of the morals that have been weaved throughout the narrative as a whole, as well as the typing up of any loose ends so that we can re-enter the state of equilibrium we approached the season […]
  • Why we should cherish Fleabag
    Introduction Fleabag is a British comedy-drama TV show created and written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge. It ran for two seasons spanning twelve episodes from 2016 to 2019. It is based off Waller-Bridge’s one-woman stand up show, and she stars as the title character. Fleabag has been regarded as one of the greatest comedy shows of all […]
  • The best Gavin and Stacey episodes
    Introduction Gavin and Stacey was a British sitcom written by James Corden and Ruth Jones. First aired in 2007, the show ran for three seasons spanning 19 episodes with two Christmas specials in 2008 and 2019. The show focuses on two families: Gavin’s family is from in Billericay, Essex and Stacey’s family is from Barry, […]
  • Godzilla vs Hedorah (Nakagawa, 2021) – Short Film Review
    Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Godzilla vs. Hedorah, the short film was released during Godzilla Fest. The talented director Kazuhiro Nakagawa helmed the project and truly made something that commemorates the anniversary. With all the new films (both legendary and Toho produced), TV shows, comics, and now short films, today is a great time to […]
  • Only Fool’s and Horses Series 6 (1989) Review
    Any long running sitcom approaching series 6, has either passed its peak or is cruising on high, the general public in the palm of their hands. As the 1980’s approached their conclusion it was possible that Only Fool’s & Horses (1981-2003) could have taken the former route. There had been no full series for 3 […]
  • Full Swing review
    Introduction Netflix’s “Full Swing” is a documentary series spanning eight episodes that follows the lives of professional golfers and shows behind-the-scenes footage during a high stakes season on the PGA Tour. Netflix released the first season in February 2023. It gave golf fans insight into the world of the highest level of professional golf during […]
  • The Best Marvel Shows on Disney+ Ranked
    Introduction Well, this is about to be controversial… And yes I’m cheating slightly with this list as I’m including all Marvel shows on Disney+ so that includes the Defenders Saga. Mostly, because otherwise I’d have to talk about She Hulk and Secret Invasion which would probably cause brain aneurysms for the Joey Barton types on […]