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Maneater released a month or so after the lockdown started in the UK and quickly became my saving grace. For my sanity, my gaming, and so much more! I found so much pleasure in the simple gameplay loop and addictive combat, effects, and realistic creature behaviors and designs. I was also a part of the community that got hyped up for the DLC that never came- Omega City! So, you probably won’t be shocked to hear this game is the one I replay the most out of any! Completing it on various consoles and enjoying every minute of the fin-tastic gameplay! So here is our Maneater Review…

Details of Maneater

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Developer: Tripwire Interactive

Publisher: Tripwire Interactive & Deep Silver (physical retail release)

Platform: PC (Steam, Epic, GOG, GeForce Now), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X

Release Date: 22nd May 2020

Age Rating: 15

Story of Maneater

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Maneater starts by introducing us to a fierce fisherman named Scaly Pete. Pete catches an adult female bull shark on camera and proceeds to stab it gruesomely, gutting it. Only for a baby to spill out and take’s their first ever bite – Pete’s hand! The rest of the game sees you playing as the baby bull shark getting their vengeance on Pete and the rest of the fisherman in the area.

Analysis of Maneater


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Creating a unique twist on the popular Souls-like combat, the developers Tripwire really created something that worked brilliantly for a shark. Combat is tense and can be over very quickly. Many enemies and Apex Enemies can kill you very quickly if you let them. They can be quick to pounce, benefiting from any mistake you make in a fight. Early on its safe to say you will your adorable little bull shark barrel-rolled at least a dozen times by crocodiles that massively outsize you.

The Open World

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Beautifully created, the open world boasts eight playable regions: Caviar Keys, Crawfish Bay, Dead Horse Lake, Fawtick Bayou, Golden Shores, Prosperity Sands, Sapphire Bay, and the Gulf. All with different ecosystems and unique Apex Predator (boss fights) for you to defeat. With a trove (what acts as safehouses and fast travel points) in each one.


Unused bosses that would make Maneater better : r/maneater
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One can see merit to the concerns of repetitiveness of the missions, yet the simple mechanics are so fun and rewarding one can be entertained for hours. Even if it comes in at a relatively short game. Another negative is the cancelled octopus boss fight. I really would have loved to see that!

Steam Deck

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The game is excellent for short little game sessions. It’s great for on the bus, at break at work. I particularly like playing it after a long shift at the sushi restaurant I work at. Nothing beats chowing down on fish, when your sick and tired of seeing fish! It performs brilliantly on the Steam Deck.

Summary of Maneater

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Maneater ­puts you in the position most games do not- inside of a god damn shark! The whole playing as a creature genre is very sparce in gaming. With not many being released at all. So, Tripwire needs to be commended for the bravery in trying a truly unique take. The premise is interesting and can keep someone engaged for the full run time. However, it completely depends on the player. Some people may find the repetitive quests and limited wildlife boring but for lovers of nature-horror films- this truly is your paradise. Go eat your hearts out! Terrorize beaches! Take out Apex Predators! There is no limits at what you can do as you truly are- the Maneater!

Overall Rating: 9 – Outstanding!

Platform Played On: PS4  PC, & Steam Deck

Game Time At Review: over 100 hours across all platforms.

Recommendation: Yes


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