Marvel’s Spiderman 2 Game Review – PS5

Spiderman 2
Image Source: Polygon

Synopsis Of Spiderman 2

Peter Parker and Miles Morales are settled in protecting New York, until a hunter from another land, Kraven, targets the supervillains of the city as his next prey. This forces both Spider-Men to protect those they once protected the city against while also battling their inner demons and keeping their personal lives in check. Their lives are turned upside down and for Peter, the arrival of his best friend Harry makes both being Spider-Man and Peter Parker even more complicated than before.

Gameplay Of Spiderman 2

If you want to make a successful gaming sequel, you must build upon what came before, in Marvel’s Spiderman (2018), Insomniac Games made a superhero game that was addictive to play and respected players abilities to fight the way they wanted to. In this blockbuster of a sequel, players can control both Spider-Men, as they are webbed and gadget up to the maximum, introducing new abilities, suits and familiar skills and combat moves to get players mixing up any encounter the way they want to. The gadget wheel is limited; however it is moved to make way for more abilities that are implemented sublimely into the combat system.

With the power of the PS5’s haptic feedback on the controller, these abilities and gadgets made for an even more enjoyable and addictive combat design comparted to its predecessor. Both Spider-Men have a plethora of abilities and skills to unlock and improve, making completion engaging for players to use as much as they possibly can to battle through a game that progressively becomes more difficult in its final few hours.


One of the most exciting elements of this sequel was the incredibly introduction and focus on the venom black suit. This fan favourite suit from the Spiderman myths allows players to battle even more aggressively and it is one of the best aspects of the game. Insomniac focused on delivering a satisfactory combat design for the game, but definitely on the venom suit itself. This mixes up the combat even more, with more abilities, finishers and attacks that feel more powerful and addictive to play with.


My favourite aspects of PlayStation games are their incredible stories, filled with twists and turns and moments of relatability in their full fleshed out characters. This story perhaps includes one of Spider-Man’s most personal themes, where topics such as mental health are presented in many aspects of the main story and side missions. We see how Peter and Miles battle with their own demons as well as super villains on how to continue to fight whilst also managing their personal life’s; especially for Peter, is pushed far due to the inclusion of the venom symbiote. Many characters are given their time in the spotlight and nothing feels shoehorned; everyone serves a purpose to the greater threat posed by Kraven the Hunter.

The Platinum Experience

To achieve the platinum trophy, players must complete the main story and side objectives, reach maximum level, find all collectables, complete all districts on the map and complete miscellaneous objectives. This will be very familiar to those who completed the first game; however this sense of familiarity is perhaps a strong point as Insomniac have made these games adaptive to anyone who wishes to play them.

They are meant to be played however the gamer wants to play them, nothing is too difficult or too easy and completing their games feels more like a reward then a chore. This took me around 27 hours to achieve 100% and the platinum trophy, and as of writing, the platinum trophy completing rating is over 20%, reinforcing the idea that these are not just enjoyable games to play, but are made to be completed by anyone who enjoys these games.

Platinum Experience – 10/10

  • Addictive collectable hunting
  • Easily accessible to anyone who wishes to complete.
  • No missable trophies
  • Great time limit to achieve platinum trophy (25-30 hours)

Release date – 20th October, 2023
Platform – PS5
Game rating 9/10
Platinum Experience – 10/10
Studio – Insomniac Games
Estimated time of completion (25-30 hours)
Trophies – 42 trophies (1 platinum, 2 Gold, 17 Silver, 22 Bronze)
Cast – Yuri Lowenthal, Nadji Jeter, Laura Bailey, Graham Philips, Jim Pirri.

Overall Rating: 10/10 – Perfect