Must Play Football Manager 2024 EPL Challenges

We all love a challenge. Something within us drives for excellence, to prove we can do what people thought couldn’t be done. This mentality also exists in us gamers. Sometimes wanting to prove our ability, other times just to add a sense of replay ability to a beloved game we have put hundreds of hours in. With that being said one of the best games to challenge players is the extensive simulation game- Football Manager 2024. In this article we bring you multiple challenges that might just entice you to start that 12th save.

Must Play Football Manager 2024 EPL Challenges: Top 3

3 – Everton

Premier League: Everton avoids relegation on dramatic final day as  Leicester City and Leeds United drop down to Championship | CNN
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Due to financial problems and outstanding debt Everton find themselves in their lowest point in their history. Even though the club was able to avoid relegation, despite the 10 point deduction, the challenge remains to be done in Football Manager 2024. Even if you do stay up, it will be almost impossible to get a top 10 finish. Something that will be required to keep some of your top talent such as Calvert-Lewin. A prolific English goal scorer that has decent potential and can grow even into an even more talented striker. In my own save I was unable to keep him. I kept turning down bids until eventually the board put their foot down. Selling him to Manchester United.

This was a recuring problem I faced. Due to the financial situation of the club, I was unable to sign many players, and couldn’t even think of signing already established talent. I had to recruit young and unproved talents, allowing them to develop over a season at Goodison Park. Unfortunately, this is where the problem showed itself. I was unable to earn European football in my second season and this yet again started the fire-sale of talent wanting to leave the club. It was hard to stop this cycle and it did actually take me until my fourth season to qualify for European football as a lot of my star players just simply demanded the board sell them.

Will you be able to build a better Everton team that won’t want to leave, as you once again establish Everton as a team that can compete for European football?

2 – Manchester United

Manchester United Overview
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As a United fan it has been devastating to see just how far we have fallen. From being kings of the world, rivalling Barcelona and Madrid as the best club in the world, to failing to qualify for the champions league and not winning a premier league in over a decade. The poor match performances and questionable transfer business has put United lower and lower in club rankings. Having the club be a shadow of its former self.

Can you be the one to take over and do what Mourinho, Van Gaal, Moyes, and more couldn’t do? Will you finally bring the EPL trophy back to Old Trafford? With United’s vast resources and questionably high reputation players will still be easy to acquire, but can you make better transfers than the previous managers?

Must Play Football Manager 2024 EPL Challenges: Top 1

1 – Newcastle

Newcastle United thrashed 8-0 by A-League All Stars in Melbourne as  post-season tour ends on low note | Football News | Sky Sports
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Newcastle is another club to find themselves purchased by very rich owners. With a turbulent couple of decades Newcastle have failed to even establish themselves as a Premier League team, never mind a title contender like they once was. The days of when they were one of the top clubs in England is sadly over, but will they soon reclaim that title?

The club makes a consistent profit so unlike some challenge saves financial stability isn’t a concern. Players’ challenge comes in the journey to the top of the EPL. First establishing themselves as a consistent inclusion in European football and raising the reputation of the club. Players may struggle to bring in the best talent but after a couple of high profile signings, or cup wins, and you’ll soon be able to compete with City, Madrid, and PSG for the best talent.

So, do you think you have what it takes to bring acclaim back to Newcastle?