PlayStation Plus: December 2020 Free Games

"Image source:" Flickr

With Christmas just around the corner, PlayStation Plus is treating you to an early present with three new titles you choose from plus November’s Bugsnax remains available for one more month. Although Bugsnax is only available for PlayStation 5 users, there is still a little something to keep everyone occupied during the festive period. We have several games to get through so without further ado, here is what is on offer!

Just Cause 4

Publisher: Square Enix

Developer: Avalanche Studios Group

Genre: Action/Open World

Originally Released: 4th December 2018

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

Kicking things off with an explosive title, we have Just Cause 4. Following on from 2015’s highly acclaimed Just Cause 3, the Square Enix series places you back in the shoes of Rico Rodriguez as he travels to the nation of Solis to uncover the truth of his father’s death. Upon arriving, you are met by a familiar enemy, the Black Hand military faction who have a stranglehold over the nation with their utilisation of destructive weather-control technology. It is up to Rico form a strong rebellion to fight back against the faction and the Espinosa dynasty to liberate Solis from its militaristic despots.

Armed with a wing-suit, parachute and that iconic grapple hook, you have everything you need to wreak havoc over your enemies with that same creative destruction we have come to expect from the series. Coupled with a vast tropical island to explore and turn into your own personal playground of destruction.

JustCause 4 ultimately falls a little flat when it comes to trying new things; beneath that over-the-top surface is a game that could have done more to distinguish itself from its predecessor. Fans of action games will have plenty to enjoy in this title but those familiar with the series might be a little disappointed in its lack of innovation. Just Cause, more like ‘Just Chaos’, get it?

Rocket Arena

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Developer: Final Strike Games

Genre: Third Person Shooter

Originally Released: 13th July 2020

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

Rocket Arena is a third-person death match-style shooter that pits small teams of 3v3 in close-quarters combat. Offering a variety of game modes, my personal favourite being Knockout, which awards points for blasting enemy players off the map. Rocketball is another great mode that requires you to score in your opponent’s goal with the aptly named Rocketball. Imagine Rocket League without the flying cars, and with rocket launchers instead, if you can?

Bear in mind, this game achieved between 5-7/10 from a number of reputable reviewers so do not expect anything groundbreaking but a fun online shooter for fans of rocket launchers. Seriously, this game is obsessed with them.

Worms Rumble

Publisher: Team17

Developer: Team17

Genre: Shooter/Battle Royale

Originally Released: 1st December 2020

Platforms: PlayStation 4/5, Microsoft Windows

Next up on our growing list of goofy shooters is Worms Rumble, available for both PlayStation 4 and 5. So you have no excuse if you miss this ground-breaking title. Joking aside, this is a crazy thirty-two-player platform shooter where only one worm can reign supreme. At the time of writing, deathmatch and battle royale modes have been confirmed for the new Team17 title with plenty of content due to arrive in time.

Unfortunately, there is little else to say about this game due to its very recent release date but achieving scores of roughly 7-8/10 from reputable reviewers, Worms Rumble is a game that will continue to grow with additional features well into the New Year. This title is considerably different from Worms titles that came before it, so it is worth a try.


There you have it, December’s selection for PlayStation Plus users. This month is geared towards those with a penchant for shooters and uncontrolled chaos. Overall, a decent selection but those who recently purchased Just Cause 4 may feel a little hard-done-by. What are your thoughts on the final selection of freebies for 2020?

Overall – 7/10 – Good