PlayStation Plus free games for April 2021

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As the first week of a new month comes to an end, Sony has announced the free games available to players who hold a subscription to PlayStation Plus. The month of May contains two PS4 titles and one for PS5. So without further ado, here are the PlayStation Plus free games in April 2021.

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Days Gone

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Developer: Bend Studio
Genre: Action/Adventure, Survival Horror
Series: Days Gone
Released: 26th April 2019
Certificate: 18
Console: PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows

An interesting title to say the least, at launch it was considered a flop due to technical limitations and annoying bugs. It has, however, aged well after a series of updates and fixes. It became a particularly good survival horror game after being regarded a wasted opportunity at launch. Days Gone is a third-person open-world survival horror game that follows the quest completion mechanic we have all become accustomed to

You play as an outlaw-turned drifter, Deacon St John riding through a post-apocalyptic Oregon searching for your missing wife. You are certainly not alone in this open-world as you have to think on your feet in fending off massive hordes of ‘Freakers’ in desperate chase sequences. That being said, the game is notoriously repetitive, from its quest lines, objectives and ‘samey’ stealth missions. 

A real mixed bag, receiving review scores ranging from 5 to 8 out of ten. It is a visually impressive game that certainly improved over time and is well worth a try if you have yet to.  

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Zombie Army 4: Dead War

Publisher: Rebellion Developments
Developer: Rebellion Developments
Genre: Horror, Tactical Shooter
Series: Sniper Elite
Released: 4th February 2020
Certificate: 18
Console: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Stadia

The next game on this list is a fascinating spin-off of the popular Sniper Elite series. Imagine a crossover of Sniper Elite, World War Two and the undead. Yes, you read that correctly. Slow motion sniping in the Second World War against hordes of gory supernatural. This game has it all!

The Rebellion Development title offers you the chance to tackle the campaign solo or with up to three additional players online. The campaign itself consists of nine missions and there are also four horde maps to keep things interesting. Fending off against relentless waves of zombies that increase in intensity with each wave.

While Zombie Army 4: Dead War lacks some replay value; it is a great title to try with a few friends if the itch to kill World War Two undead needs scratching. Achieving scores of 7/10 from most reputable reviewers. If you are a fan of the Sniper Elite franchise, you should absolutely try this one.

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Oddworld: Soulstorm

Publisher: Oddworld Inhabitants
Developer: Oddworld Inhabitants

Genre: Platform Game
Series: Oddworld
Released: 6th April 2021
Certificate: 16
Console: PlayStation 4/5 Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

In Oddworld: Soulstorm you play as series protagonist Abe and are tasked with rescuing his fellow Mudokons from a life of slave labour. The Mudokons are a race of blue-greenish humanoids that have been enslaved. This is a 2.5D platform and side-scroll title is a continuation of the Oddworld series and reimagining of the 1998’s Abe’s Exodus. 

Keeping your freed Mudokons alive is the aim of the game. Certain routes, locked doors and combat situations call for a required number of minions to progress. There is also a crafting system included so that you can manufacture your weaponry and fuel bigger battles against enemies. 

This game is a brand new release on PS Plus, meaning little is known about it and it is completely open to praise and criticism. It is worth noting that although this title is available for PS4, the PS Plus entry is only offered to PS5 users. Not a massive let down but fans of the series may feel a bit hard done by. Evidently, Sony are trying to promote the PS5 with more exclusive titles appearing each month.

Final Word

There you have it, the PlayStation Plus free games in April 2021. A very supernatural-themed selection for April. It will not suit everyone but they are all definitely worth adding to your library if you have not yet tried them. So if blowing apart hordes of the undead is your thing or you are a champion of all things horrific, then your time is now!

With a combined saving of roughly £140 ($195), this month offers some massive savings for PS Plus members.Do not miss out! If you are considering purchasing a. PlayStation 5, check out our comparison between the PS5 and Xbox Series X to help you make your decision. 

Verdict – 8.5/10