PlayStation Plus Free Games in May 2021

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The month of May has arrived and that can only mean one thing, a new selection of free games courtesy of a PlayStation Plus subscription. This month we have three titles on offer, two for PS4, one exclusively for PS5 and all available via backwards compatibility on current hardware. Although this is likely to receive mixed receptions; here are the PlayStation Plus Free Games in May 2021. 

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Battlefield V

Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: DICE
Genre: First Person Shooter
Series: Battlefield
Released: 28th November 2018
Certificate: 16
Console: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

An entry that may turn a head or two upon initial viewers, Battlefield V is a World War Two first-person shooter that received a mixed reception at launch. It was accused of feeling incomplete on launch, with a lot of technical bugs and a glaring lack of content. Not to mention those signature gameplay mechanics that fans expect were largely absent. On a positive note, the Frostbite engine is on full display for a visually stunning experience.

Battlefield V’s single-player mode adopts the familiar episodic approach, featuring four (three at launch) separate campaigns of roughly a few hours of playtime for each. Each sequence features a unique war story and set of characters. While this single-player formula is good for presenting numerous narratives, they feel quite brief and incomplete, especially if single-player is your priority.

The title’s multiplayer reproduces what we have come to expect from modern first-person shooters. Battlefield V offers a fairly extensive list of game modes, featuring objective-based and point-scoring options. Conquest being a particularly chaotic and massive sixty-four player mode. The mechanics have also been tweaked, the overall time-to-kill and health generation is reduced. In 2021, after numerous patches and pre-DLC, this has become quite a fun online multiplayer.

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Publisher: Bugbear Entertainment
Developer: Bugbear Entertainment, THQ Nordic
Genre: Driving/Racing
Series: Wreckfest
Released: 14th January 2014
Certificate: 12
Console: PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

Next on our list is a destruction derby (déjà vu?) racer published by Bugbear Entertainment in which you compete against several unique vehicle types for the finish line. As the name suggests, this is also a vehicular combat game whereby your objective is to not only finish first but to try and take out as many of your opponents as possible. These include cars, trucks and even motorised couches and camper vans. Because why not!

It is worth noting, however, that this is the PlayStation 5 version of the game, meaning it is unavailable to PlayStation 4 players. This means it comes with a graphical upgrade and faster loading times but the game was initially released in 2014, so do not expect hyperrealism. Receiving scores of 8-9.10 from reputable reviewers, this could be a great little addition to your collection.

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Stranded Deep

Publisher: Dream Team Games 
Developer: Dream Team Games 
Genre: Survival
Series: Stranded Deep
Released: 23rd January 2015
Certificate: 16
Console: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Back to PlayStation 4, our next title was developed and published by Dream Team Games; Stranded Deep is the ultimate Cast Away simulator. You play as a plane crash survivor, marooned on a South Pacific island whereby you are tasked with crafting shelter and food to survive. The local wildlife is also out to get you with Great White sharks and giant octopi looking to disrupt your day should you take to the sea.   

Originally released in 2015 for various PC platforms, it was officially ported to consoles as recently as April 2020. Receiving scores of 6-7/10 do not expect fireworks but this still might make for a unique experience if you get bored this month. If you are more of a survival ‘horror’ type, check out our recent article on Days Gone – revisited. 

Final Words

There you have it! The PlayStation Plus free games in may 2021. In conclusion, not the best entry admittedly but there is at least some variety to choose from. All games were officially launched on PS Plus on May 4th, which seems like a wasted opportunity for some free Star Wars content. With a digital store saving of £86, the price tag does flatter to deceive a little. 

Overall – 6.5/10 – Okay