PlayStation Plus Free Games in November 2021

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November has arrived and the autumn period has gotten well underway. With the start of a new month comes the arrival of an updated selection of free games on offer exclusively for PlayStation Plus subscription holders. This month’s catalogue contains a whopping amount of titles to choose from, with PS VR having a significant influence on this month’s takings. So without further ado, here are the PlayStation Plus free games in November 2021. 

PlayStation Plus Free Games

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First Class Trouble

Publisher: Versus Evil

Developer: Invisible Walls

Genre: Party/Survival

Series: First Class Trouble

Certificate: 18+

Released: 2021

Platforms: PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows.

Our first title to discuss comes from developers Invisible Walls is called First Class Trouble. Published by Versus Evil, this party/survival game takes place on a luxury cruise-ship style spacecraft where the robotic workforce and AI have malfunctioned and are now attempting to kill every human inhabitant onboard. Serving food and drinks is now replaced by delivering pain and suffering straight to your table. Cutting the oxygen did the job, for the most part, however, those with oxygen rebreathers survived this initial attack.

The few remaining humans, your characters, are now tasked with reverting the AI to their pre-hostile state. Players must work together to decipher who is an ally and who is not while overcoming challenges and surviving for as long as possible. A unique feature of this game is ‘proximity chat’, meaning the further away you are from your team, the quieter the microphone level gets in your party chat. An errie inclusion that adds a sense of isolation to this already creepy setting. 

It is also worth noting that First Class Trouble is available on both PlayStation 4 and 5, so jump in and get your homocidal cruise ship game on. 

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Knockout City

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Developor:Velan Studios

Genre: Multiplayer/Sports

Series: Knockout City

Released: 21st May 2021

Certificate: 10+

Platforms: PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One/Series X/S, Microsoft Windows

Now for something very different to the first game on this list. This Electronic Arts title is effectively a dodgeball simulator with a sci-fi twist. In Knockout City, one team faces another and is tasked with eliminating opposition players by launching the ball straight at them. Does this bring back memories of high school at all? The game takes place in an urban environment where you take to the streets and alleyways to conduct your sporting chaos. There are different ball and attack types to keep things interesting, so give this one a go while it is still free-to-play. 

Take to the online multiplayer with your friends in three v three and four v four matches where you can display your ability to dodge, dip, dive, duck and… dodge. Receiving generally positive receptions from reputable reviewers, it is worth a go. Knockout City is also available on both PlayStation 4 and 5.

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The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners

Publisher: Skydance Interactive

Developer: Skydance Interactive, Skybound Entertainment

Genre: Survival Horror/VR

Series: The Walking Dead

Released: 23rd January 2020

Certificate: 18+

Platforms: PlayStation VR, Occulus Quest/Rift, Microsoft Windows, Mactintosh

We have now arrived at the first VR title in this list, The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners. The Skydance Interactive title places you in the flooded, post-apocalyptic remains of New Orleans, playing as the anonymised character, the ‘Tourist’. You find yourself in the throes of a decimated but iconic city, running errands for the remaining survivors and combating against the undead and the hostile living. As each day passes, more zombies arrive at your doorstep, so every time you leave, the difficulty and pressure get ramped up. 

There is an element of decision-making that impacts your relatively linear story mode, resulting in one of three different endings upon completing the game. Therefore, you may find yourself replaying this game to unlock all three different endings. Receiving reviews of roughly eight out of ten, this is not one you want to miss if you are a fan of survival horror games. Check out this 4K demo of the game.

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The Persistence 

Publisher: Firesprite

Developer: Firesprite, Fabric Games Ltd

Genre: FPS/Action

Series: The Persistence

Released: 24th July 2018

Certificate: 18+

Platforms: PlayStation 4/5 VR, Xbox One, Series X/S, Nintendo Switch

The Persistence is another VR first-person acttion game that places you in the classic deep-space horror dynamic where you play as a clone of a security officer named Zimri Elder. You wake up onboard ‘the Persistence’, a colony ship edging closer to a black hole. You find the rest of the crew are all dead and the clone creator has gone into overdrive, recreating hostile versions of the deceased crew who now inhabit the ship. You are tasked with repairing the ship, escaping the black hole and safely returning home. 

Aside fom the series of reanimated foes that stands in your way, every time you die, you are ressurected as a clone and the ship’s layout dramatically changes. This adds an entirely new dynamic for completing objectives and keeps things interesting and unrepetative if you find yourself repeatedly dying. 

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Kingdom of Amalur: Re-Reckoning

Publisher: Electronic Arts, THQ Nordic

Developer: 38 Studios

Genre: Action/Role-Playing Game

Series: Kingdom of Amalur

Released: September 2020

Certificate: 18+

Platforms: Playstation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

Our final game on this list comes from Electronic Arts and THQ Nordic, the 2020 remaster of 2012’s cult classic, Kingdom of Amalur: Re-Reckoning. This is the official re-working of the 2012 classic Western RPG, originally released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. For those unaware of this title, it follows a similar blueprint to most RPGs of two generations ago. Design your character from a series of races and class choices and traverse through a graphically overhauled Amalur, completing quests and exploring this wide-open fantasy setting.

As a bonus, you also have access to every piece of DLC released for the original game as well as a slew of technical improvements and bug fixes. Definitely worth a download if you are looking to recapture some of that late-2000s-early 2010s RPG charm.

Final Words

There you have it, our official breakdown of the PlayStation Plus free games in November 2021. Overall, you have a wonderful selection of titles here, especially if you have access to a PS VR headset. Otherwise, you still have tonnes to keep you busy this autumn. With a saving of roughly one-hundred and twenty-seven pounds, there is something here for everyone.

Please remember that PlayStation 5 owners can access all PlayStation 4 titles via backwards compatibility but not the other way around. With this in mind, you might want to check our official comparison of the two next-gen consoles before making the switch to next-gen.  

Overall Rating: 8/10 – Very Good

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