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Red Dead Redemption 1 & 2 are two of the greatest stories ever created in any form of media. Developers Rockstar really went above and beyond when creating their wild west epic. With three games currently released and spanning two different continuities. Although a fourth game, Gun, is what inspired the series. With Capcom seeing the potential they wished to expand of the gameplay with a new proposed game- Red Dead Revolver. But was cancelled in 2002.

However, as we know Capcom do not make the RDR games, this is because Rockstar bought the rights to Red Dead Revolver in Players either take control of Red Harlow (Red Dead Revolver), John Marsden (Red Dead Redemption), or my favourite, Arthur Morgan (Red Dead Redemption 3). With a third reportedly in early development lets take a look at what has already come whilst we look at the Red Dead Redemption Games Ranked….

Red Dead Games Ranked: Top 3

Best Red Dead: 3 – Red Dead Revolver

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Following Red Harlow’s quest for vengeance after witnessing his parent’s murder, Revolver was where Rockstar first took control of the franchise. After purchasing the rights to the game from Capcom in 2002 they released Revolver in 2004. The game had such praise both from adoring fans and from appeased critics that a sequel was confirmed in 2005. Red is also famously known for having the best ending of any character. Not the best cinematically or the most entertaining but, rather players finish the game with Red going out on top. Not the bottom.  

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It was unsure why the events of Revolver were deemed not cannon to the universe of Red Dead Redemption. Yet with some searching around you can uncover dialogue in both games that speaks of Red Harlow. One that confirms although the events of Revolver may not be canon, the character of Red Harlow is. Maybe as a myth/legend or perhaps just as a slightly altered version.

Best Red Dead: 2 – Red Dead Redemption

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This game hits you where it hurts and then has the audacity to have you thank it. Bless it. Praise it even for bringing you to tears. It’s just that good. The story lassos you and yanks you into the rich depiction of the Wild West. Having John, the player, tasked with bringing in his former gang members in promise of finally being able to live a normal life. A free life. One with his wife, Abigail, and son, Jack, could finally stop having to look over his shoulder.

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Although John holds up his end of the deal, the government don’t and turn on John. Resulting in one of the most barbaric and memorable video game endings ever. You will not forget RDR anytime soon.

Red Dead Games Ranked: Top 1

Best Red Dead: 3 – Red Dead Redemption 2

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Delving into the mysterious Van Da Linn Gang, RDR 2 sees the player take control of Arthur Morgan. Someone who players knew wasn’t in RDR. Causing a sense of mystery to grow around Arthur’s ending before the game had even released. Of course now we know Arthur dies in the end. Having been recently diagnosed with a (at the time) terminal illness- Tuberculosis. Being forced to face his demise, Arthur takes more drastic defiance of his seemingly unwinding leader. With one fan theory suggesting Dutch’s madness is due to a concussion he endures in one of the later missions. It has some credence as Dutch mentions headaches and hurting his head. The sheer amount of fan theories that are at least somewhat plausible is all due to Rockstar’s excellent writing, and world building.

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Enthralling from the start, RDR2 is one the greatest stories of all time across all mediums. It is a must for any western fan, any gamer, any person. The characters and their group dynamic is fascinating and at times unnerving. Seeing someone who basically adopted your character so easily dismiss you for someone who clearly has ulterior motives is honestly heartbreaking. It’s one of the many reasons this game, for a lot of gamers, is the best game of all time.


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Who’s your favourite RD protagonist? Red, John, or Arthur? What do you think Red Dead Redemption 3’s story will entail? Let us know in the comments below!


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