Review: Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course

Five years ago, the original Cuphead was released and it took the gaming world by storm. With its vintage cartoon visuals, challenging gameplay, and an insanely catchy soundtrack it was an instant classic among gamers both old and new. Now the DLC has finally come out on a multitude of platforms. The Delicious Last Course brings in new enemies and even a new friend to the fray to fight alongside the courageous Cuphead and marvellous Mugman.


Cuphead and Mugman are on an adventure that takes them across the Inkwell Isle. Upon their arrival they find the lovely Ms Chalice. Their mission is to gain the ingredients to make the Wondertart, a pastry that will give Ms Chalice a permanent physical form. To get the ingredients they must fight a new colourful rogue’s gallery from the rooting’ tooting’ Ester Winchester to the wintery giant Glumstone.


The base game is known for its difficulty and the DLC makes no exception. From the first boss fight, it throws you into the game with little mercy. There are 6 new levels overall but each one packs more of a punch then the last, leaving the player to adapt and learn how to defeat each new challenge.

The DLC made one significant change from the base game. The previously established run and gun levels have been replaced by a new mode known as the King’s Tournament. In this chess themed set of levels the player must rely on their platform and parry prowess in order to defeat a new array of mini bosses. They make a wonderful break from the main bosses by providing a challenge without being overly frustrating.


Cuphead and Mugman are back once again in this new adventure, but they aren’t alone. Now they’re joined by the lovely Ms. Chalice, previously known as the legendary chalice and she’s here to show the boys how it’s done.

Out of the main trio she’s easily the most powerful. Having a double jump, dash-parry ability, an extra hit point and an invincible dodge roll. She makes the gameplay the easiest that it’s ever been which is good for people who find the game a little tricky.

Despite her amazing skill set they also avoid making her overpowered. If the choice is made to play as Ms Chalice, then the player is locked out of the ability slots, losing such helpful abilities like the smoke bomb. She’s a great addition who brings about a nice change.

Another surprise addition is that she isn’t limited to the DLC. It’s easy to unlock her and then go back and play through the main game with her. Other games would limit her use to the DLC so it adds a layer of replay-ability to the base game going through a second run using only Ms Chalice.


Cuphead made headlines with its style of the cartoons of the olden days and the quality has carried over to the DLC, even in some areas being improved. They’re vibrant with colour and creativity, every single level is designed with fluid motion and a great colour pallet. Though at times it can be a little hard to look at for too long overall there’s not a single frame that isn’t absolutely brimming with 40s themed charm.

It also experiments with some 3D elements, changing the landscape of the fight. It’s especially noticeable during the secret boss fight and the King’s Tournament games. It can be a little distracting in the beginning but once you get used to it it’s fine.

You can’t talk about the games style without bringing up the game’s soundtrack. From the first note its foot tapping catchy. It has a bunch of new showtunes that’ll wriggle their way into your ears. My personal favourite is the ‘Bootlegger Boogie”. Not only does it fit the level incredibly well it’s an upbeat tune that puts the prep in your step.


The DLC was 100% worth the wait. The studio behind Cuphead, Studio MDHR delayed the game for five years. Once to help avoid crunch and then again due to covid. The love that went into making this game is apparent in every element of it.

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course is another triumph that makes for a short but sweet little game. Both newcomers and veteran players should dive into this DLC without any hesitation. Every element from the gameplay to the design to the soundtrack works together like a well-made motion picture.