Top 5 underrated games from the 2010s

Bioshock 2
Image Source: IMDB


The 2010s is an interesting year when it comes to the gaming landscape. It was the change over from the seventh generation of consoles to the eighth generation, the industry had multiple genre-shifting moments and of course a new wave of new classics and flops.

Today I am here to talk about some of the classics that got forgotten in this cluttered decade of controversy and never before seen highs as I believe this will be a decade talked about for many years to come. From the old to the new, let’s look at the top 5 most underrated games of the 2010s.

Bioshock 2

So, Bioshock 2 had nearly impossible shoes to fill given the legendary status of the previous entry. The original game is considered one of the best video games of all time as is the 3rd entry in infinite leaving 2 the black sheep.

Bioshock 2 is an incredible game which, while not as in-depth as the first is definitely still fun. Playing as a big daddy is thrilling with satisfying shooting mechanics, bonus games that are actually fun and a story that gets the job done. A truly underrated gem.

Yukaa-Laylee & The Impossible Lair

Tukaa-Laylee was a game that made some splashes in the indi industry with it being a spiritual successor to Banjo Kazooie. It’s sequel took the 2d plaformer approach which was a big shift from the kick start original but it created an underrated gem.

The game follows a very Mario Bros 3 approach with an overworld map to collect but the most impressive part of the game is the fact that the final level of the game is available right from the start. If you want you can go for it immediately and be presented with one of the hardest challenges in all of gaming but my god the feeling of beating it with no progession is truly rewarding as it is frustrating.

Transformers Fall Of Cybertron

Transformers Fall Of Cybertron is the sequel to War of Cybertron but my god the steps this game takes to go bigger and better is a Transformers fans dream. It’s dark, gritty but also a neon glowing fun romp with fun callbacks for fans and a gripping story that never loses itself.

The franchise has always struggled finding a balance between this but fall takes everything in the franchise and remixes it into one filling climax. From dinobots, to combaticons, to engaging 3rd person gameplay to a story that’s gripping to the point of unreleastic expectations, Fall of Cyberton is a highlight for not just the games, but the franchise as a whole.

Sunset Overdrive

Now, Sunset Overdrive is one of those games that caused a fuss on release yet somehow faded into obscurity almost immediately after it was released. Developed by Insomniac, famous for games such as the Spyro Trilogy and as recent as the Spider-man games started their open world explortation with this Xbox One Exclusive.

The game is a run and gun open world focused on it’s unique parkor macanic and quirky humour. Often times the story plays like Deadpool with quips, self aware humour and of course 4th wall breaks though the game os fully aware of this and prioritises it’s parkor loop. The game encourages high speed, non stop skill and it becomes addictive trying to keep a combo up while grinding, flipping and shoot bad guys. It’s a crime that we’ll never see the teased sequel or that these ideas will never be expanded upon.

Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends is one of the best platformers ever made and the fact that Ubisoft forgot about it practically blows my mind. This is one of the most fast pace, gorgeous looking and exciting platformslers ever made. After the events of Rayman Origins, Rayman slept too long and allowed the world to be taken over by a new army and now must stop them.

The game is so fast pace that perfect runs are so addictive to go for, gameplay so soild is rivals Mario, levels so creative it’s stunning and the music levels are so amazing that anyone can get enjoyment out of it. Personality is the perfect way to describe it and the energy injected into it is beyond incredible, not to mention that every level in Orgins is playable so it’s 2 games for the price of one. If there’s a list of 100 games to play before you die, this should be in your top 10 without a doubt.