Top Eight Best Call of Duty Multiplayer Weapons

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The Call of Duty franchise has a massive catalogue of weapons for you to choose from to mow down your fellow gamer. After committing a period of time to any major CoD release, it will become clear fairly quickly which weapons are favoured and which are not. Here are the top eight best Call of Duty multiplayer weapons 

his comes down to a few basic criteria, typically how well a gun handles and how powerful it is, or its ‘time to kill’, if you will. Generally, the guns that found the perfect balance of these characteristics reigned supreme, for example, shotguns with high range or heavy-hitting assault rifles with low recoil. 

For this list, I will only be considering guns of all classes and entries from Modern Warfare (2007) onwards, as this is when the online multiplayer mode became truly defined. So let us get this list underway!  

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8. MP7 – Modern Warfare 3

If you were the kind of player that liked to rush in MW3, the MP7 was definitely going to serve you the well. Although it had a relatively low base damage, its incredible handling made up for it and meant the MP7 was an option at mid-range too.  

It had a high rate of fire and almost no recoil; this meant that although it did not deliver a lot of damage per shot, it could fire a lot of rounds that were likely to hit its target. Combined with its clear iron sights and a rapid-fire attachment, you had an excellent option for blistering around the map. 

Although the MP7 has appeared in several CoD titles, there is no doubt the Modern Warfare 3 version was the most fondly remembered. 

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7. Spas-12 – Modern Warfare 2 

When people think of ‘shotguns and CoD’, there are certainly two that spring to mind, the Modern Warfare 2 Spaz-12 is one of them. Modern Warfare 2 is a game renowned for its brutally overpowered weapons and the Spas-12 was an embodiment of this.

While it suffered at longer ranges, at close-range, this shotgun was devastating; its pump-action mechanic meant that recoil was never an issue and its relatively fast reload speed added to its already ridiculous usability. A favourite among players who sat in the corner of a room and waited for enemies to run by. 

Did I also mention this was a secondary-weapon? This means you could equip this alongside any other of Modern Warfare 2’s insane selection of primary weapons. 

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6. UMP-45 – Modern Warfare 2

Another entry from Modern Warfare 2, the UMP-45 was a fan favourite on MW2 and for very good reason. It combined fantastic handling with a high rate of damage, especially for a submachine gun. 

If you equipped the Stopping Power perk you were guaranteed kills in three shots or less at any distance but the recoil would become harder to control at longer ranges. Combine this with a silencer and clean iron sights and you could decimate enemies at close and medium ranges and remain undetected on the map. 

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5. AK47 – Modern Warfare (2007/Remastered)

A classic from the CoD archives and a viable choice in many titles. However, one cannot reminisce of the original Modern Warfare without the original AK47. Brute damage is the aim of the game with this entry as the AK47 could take out opponents in 2-3 with Stopping Power. 

Furthermore, the damage-drop off at range was minimal; this meant that if you had a good aim, taking out enemies at longer ranges was not an issue. While this weapon did not offer the best handling, it hit incredibly hard and was one of the most popular guns on the game. If two shots connected, you were almost always guaranteed a kill. 

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4. FAMAS – Black Ops

Making its first appearance in Modern Warfare 2, the FAMAS was re-introduced in the original Black Ops where it truly gained notoriety. It was a fully-auto weapon with high damage, an extremely high fire-rate and manageable recoil. This means you could melt opponents at most ranges. 

Additionally, the iron-sights were very serviceable, meaning you could dedicate your attachment slots otherwise. Considering the FAMAS was unlocked at the low level of fourteen, it was a fan-favourite in multiplayer and became synonymous with the title. 

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3. Intervention – Modern Warfare 2

A sniper rifle of equal fame and function, the Modern Warfare 2 Intervention defined the ‘quick scoping’ craze of the late 2000s. This is down to its extremely high damage at any range as well as its satisfying fire sound and reloading animation.

Considering this was a bolt-action sniper rifle, it was less forgiving to use than the Barret but it’s the added challenge and competitiveness that made the Intervention so popular. Any worthy quick scoper would need just one shot to pick off their opponents. ‘1v1-Rust-Interventions’ was the ultimate test of mettle.  

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2. MP40 – World at War

World at War was generally quite balanced in regards to its guns; each had its functions and limitations, all except for the MP40. This submachine gun had a lower fire-rate than others in the class but the damage per shot was outrageous and the handling was solid. Aiming down the clean iron sights or from the hip also proved how accurate the gun was too, especially at close-range. 

Equip this with dual magazines, Stopping Power or Double Tap and Steady Aim and you were at an immediate advantage to every player not using this setup. But in all honesty, a lot of people did use it and for good reason too! It was almost unfair to use this set up but you did not care, think about the K/D!

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1. ACR – Modern Warfare2/3

This will come as no surprise to many of you; the ACR was the undisputed fan-favourite of both Modern Warfare 2 and 3. The ACR, overall, produces a moderate damage rate but this did not matter as every shot was guaranteed to hit. 

Its biggest strengths come from its handling, it had virtually no recoil whatsoever and was very accurate at medium and longer ranges. Combine this with its clean iron sights and quick reload speed and you had the ultimate ‘Jack of all trades’ weapon that you could laser-beam people with at any distance. 

Final Words

There you have it, the top eight best Call of Duty multiplayer weapons. There will be many people that disagree with this list but the truth is a lot of other guns could have made this list and nearly did. This list is mostly based on my own experiences and popular opinions so hopefully, it is seen as a fair list and by no means absolute fact. 

Honourable mentions: the Scar-H (MW2), M16A4 (MWR), MSMC (BO2) and the pre-patch(s) Akimbo Model 1887s (MW2). All of which fell just short of being selected. 

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