YouTuber Survivors – Game Review

YouTuber Survivors is one of the latest indie games to try their own take on the ever growing sub-genre of roguelikes. Instead of being the typical auto shooter/bullet hell this game brings a new element to the genre. Having the game be a beat ’em up. This did add a great deal of fresh air to a very worn out genre. So, without further ado let’s look at YouTuber Survivors.

Details of YouTuber Survivors

Developer: AvoCavo

Publisher: AvoCavo

Platform: PC/Windows (Steam), Android, iOS

Release Date: 5th February 2024

Price: £3.39

Story of YouTuber Survivors

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You take control of a very popular fitness YouTuber, who has over 5 million subscribers, called Beom-tae. Beom-tae is overwhelmed with his fans admiration and love. So much so they forgot pleasantries such as personal space and overwhelm BT, trying to swarm him. Fighting hordes of your overly aggressive fans you make your way through various stages defeating a boss at the end of each. My particular favourite boss was the Octopus. I liked the boss’ design and the colors really popped.

Analysis of YouTuber Survivors

The Fighting

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Fighting is a refreshing change from the swarm of bullet hell and auto shooter games. The beat ‘em up twist is really rewarding. Even though combat can feel a bit clunky and a bit tricky, it is enjoyable to mash the buttons and line up your own created combo.

Creative Combo Customization

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You unlock moves by buying them in the shops or as drops/rewards from chests. Each time you acquire a new one you are brought into a little menu allowing you to select it’s place in your combo que. You can also upgrade them by using fitness machines scattered around in various areas.

Limited characters

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One downfall of the game, at least for me, was the limited player characters. When I play rogue likes I like to unlock more and more characters, each bringing a new unique take onto the already familiar gameplay. However, YouTuber Survivors does offset this by having so much customization available to you via the combo system. Each run can truly be a unique experience if you like it. I just like to unlock characters in roguelikes I guess.

Summary of YouTuber Survivors

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YouTuber Survivors is an amazingly refreshing take on the roguelike genre. The creative combo customization needs a light shining on it particularly. It is by far the most genius aspect of this game and the most fun, as well as rewarding. Nothing quiet beats the feeling of perfectly hitting all of the attacks in your combo timeline. Finally, the game is a bit easy. I managed to beat it on my first playthrough in just 15 minutes. So even though this was extremely fun playing through it. Having 100 achievements and completing it already doesn’t really entice me to jump back into it. After all there is a swarm of roguelikes that just keep coming. BUT I have kept it downloaded and would love any excuse to do so, new update or perhaps the roguelike genre dies down and I’ll have time to go back and play more YouTuber Survivors.

Overall Rating: 7 – Respectable!

You can purchase YouTuber Survivors on Steam here.

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