10 Possible Storylines for Drive to Survive Season 6

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With speculation about Netflix’s hit behind the scenes, and definitely not heavily edited, F1 show’s latest series dropping within the next couple of months, why not add more fuel to the fire and speculate about possible storylines that will be talked about? And yes I’m probably going to get a lot of these wrong given the scheduled release of next month but why not try and second guess Netflix and Drive to Survive? So before I get into the list properly here is some history about the show.


Drive to Survive first debuted on Netflix in 2019 and is a behind the scenes docudrama about all the goings on in different F1 seasons from 2019 to 2022, and soon to be 2023. The show has received criticism for often artificially creating drama from nothing whilst also ignoring incredibly significant moments, like Kevin Magnussen’s maiden F1 pole at Brazil 2022. However, it can’t be denied the impact that Drive to Survive has had on the US audience with it leading to an explosion in popularity F1 had been trying to generate for years. Anyway, without further ado here are my suggestions in no particular order for the 10 possible storylines for Drive to Survive Season 6.

10. Nyck De Vries: The Not so Flying Dutchman

So, given the show’s love of covering a struggling F1 driver, see the episodes about Nikita Mazespin as an example, surely they’re going to cover the disastrous 10 race season of the much hyped Nyck De Vries. While he did score points on debut in a Williams in 2022, by the time the racist bond villain that is Helmut Marko sacked him from AlphaTauri, De Vries looked out of his depth and without confidence. Which is understandable given how horrible that car was. So while it would undoubtedly be cruel, Netflix and DTS have a penchant for doing episodes like this….

9. Daniel Ricciardo Returns

For the second part of what I’m calling the AlphaTauri trilogy, Netflix is surely going to cover the return of everyone’s favourite Aussie F1 driver: Daniel Ricciardo. After De Vries was launched from the same cannon as Albon and Gasly, Red Bull elected to bring the Honey Badger. And honestly, bar the Dutch GP his return was single handedly one of the best things about the season. This is especially true of his performance in Mexico. Also, the Honey Badger’s popularity would make it an easy episode to bring lapsed viewers back in. Just think of the memes man…..

8. Liam Lawson’s Form

And to conclude the AlphaTauri trilogy, a new challenger emerges thanks to a horrible Daniel Ricciardo injury in Zandvoort. Expect Netflix to milk that…. Anyway, this new challenger was one of Red Bull’s many young reserve drivers: Liam Lawson. And considering the odds against him, he did exceptionally well with a particular emphasis on his performance in Singapore. Mostly, I just want to see if Netflix are going to milk Verstappen getting knocked out by Lawson in qualifying or not. Also, it makes for incredibly appealing TV. Because who doesn’t love an underdog coming in and upsetting the apple cart in his third race in an unfamiliar race? Although maybe this idea will play into a later episode pitch I’ve got…

7. The Aston Martin Conundrum

Oh, the difference a year makes. In Bahrain, Aston Martin looked untouchable as the second best team on the grid behind Red Bull. This was underscored by Fernando Alonso finally making a smart career move for the first time in ages as he looked untouchable in the emerald clad car. However, as quick as Aston Martin’s rise was their fall was equally as quick as post Austria their form, much like Lance Stroll on a bike, crashed and burned allowing a certain other team to capitalise. Anyway, who doesn’t love a saga with an epic rise and fall? Albeit the fall is in the same season as the rise. Speaking of that other team….

6. McLaren’s Resurgence

You can’t really talk about Aston Martin in 2023 without mentioning McLaren. Mostly because McLaren were the biggest benefactors from Aston Martin going full Lance Stroll. Anyway, at the start of the season the McLaren looked as slow as the Haas or Alfa Romeo cars. Cue some very despondent five year olds on F1 Twitter. However, McLaren upgraded and quick as somehow they turned that car into a machine which catapulted Norris to multiple podiums and poles, including at Silverstone, as well as Piastri to huge success as well. Honestly, Netflix please study this because I’m still confused about how McLaren did it.

5. The Australian Grand Prix

Honestly, how did I forget about the sheer chaos of Australia? What started out fairly calm soon escalated with Leclerc and Albon both hitting the gravel traps and bringing out safety cars. But that would be dwarfed by Magnussen who hit the wall. Thus sending his tyre ahead to the next GP in Baku by detaching in the wall. And good lord, on the next restart Sainz hits Alonso which sends the entire midfield into chaos. Case in point, Alpine going on strike and murdering each other’s cars. And somehow in the chaos Hulkenberg was provisionally on the podium. And all of this was in the middle of Verstappen being under investigation for being out of his starting gridbox. You don’t need me to tell you how much fun this episode would be.

4. Oscar Piastri’s Rookie Year

When you statistically have the best rookie season since a certain Lewis Hamilton, it’s fair to say Oscar Piastri had a pretty good second half of his rookie year. After the single greatest tweet F1 Twitter has ever seen, apart from his mum’s Twitter feed but I digress, Piastri left Alpine for McLaren and initially looked like he had ruined his career. However, post Austria he had very much unruined his career given his many podiums and maiden F1 win, although do we count sprint wins?, and finishing on 97 points. Also, like Lawson it’s always awesome to see young drivers make good on their much touted potential.

3. Las Vegas GP Controversies

After so many false starts, Bernie Ecclestone’s wet dream of a GP came true in 2023 with the Las Vegas race preceding the season finale at Yas Marina. And for as ok as the race was, holy jesus the controversies surrounding it are far more interesting. Look at the billboards F1 put up to stop people watching the race ‘illegally’ or the manhole cover which unfairly landed Carlos Sainz with a 10 place grid drop penalty. And that doesn’t even cover the controversies with FP1 and fans being forcibly ejected or that stupid dome which dominated conversations. So as ok as the race was, please focus on the drama surrounding it Netflix because Las Vegas will quickly become another Miami. 

2. Checo in Mexico

I almost feel mean for including this but then I remember it’s Checo sooooo…. Anyway, the Mexican driver has had a wretched season barely securing P2 in the fastest car on the grid. Also, his ‘title challenge’ was about as credible and believable as a chocolate teapot with it collapsing by Monaco, a mere two races after he said he could challenge Max.

Anyway, the nadir of this dreadful season for Checo was his home GP in Mexico where he needed a damn good performance to keep Marko for his favourite hobby of sacking drivers. Instead he stupidly went three wide with Leclerc and Verstappen into Turn 1. Which naturally got his car shredded like he gets shredded on F1 Twitter. I mean even I felt slightly bad for Checo as Sky immediately interviewed him after the race whilst even he knew he was lucky to still be in the Red Bull seat.

1.5. Lewis Hamilton remembers his F1 team’s name

But seriously come on Lewis, I know it’s a daft name but let’s see if its sixth time the charm in Drive to Survive terms….

1. The Singapore Grand Prix

My final suggestion for this list is just to cover the Singapore Grand Prix. As mentioned above, there’s Lawson’s first F1 points to cover. Not to mention that Singapore once again being the great equaliser as Carlos Sainz took his second win in F1. Also, you could cover the reunion of Carlando by them using the power of friendship and DRS to hold off the charging Mercedes. Although the only charge Russell did was into the barricade and out of the race… And how could I forget Red Bull just about scraping fifth and eighth after Max had dominated the season thus far? Overall, an incredible race and tied with Australia for race of the year.

So those are our suggestions for possible storylines in Drive to Survive Season 6 but what are yours? Let me know in the comments below!