DC vs Vampires Vol 1: Most Shocking Moments

DC vs Vampires has proven to be one of the best DC stories of recent times. Filled with action, tension, and of course a healthy number of twists and turns. Of course, before you read any further any further please be aware that this post does include some spoilers. Now without further ado, let’s get into DC vs Vampires Vol 1: Most Shocking Moments…

DC vs Vampires Vol 1: Most Shocking Moments – Top 6

6 – Harley Forgets About Captain Boomerang

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On of the comically funny, if you like black comedy, moments comes when The Suicide Squad are in Arkham Asylum on a task for Waller. As they are looking around the prison, two of the members reveal they have been turned to vampires. The two members who have grew fangs are none other than King Shark and Savant. Unable to keep them back Harley calls Waller for some help. Only to not mention Boomerang isn’t turned either. So, Waller blows up his head along with the Vampiric Squad members.

DC vs Vampires Vol 1: Most Shocking Moments – Top 5

5 – Hal Jordan has a Wonder Twin Smoothie

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One of the most brutally shocking moments comes when Hal reveals himself to be a Vampire. In quick succession he turns a Wonder Twin into a smoothie using a conjured blender and burns BLANK alive. Successfully keeping the Vampire uprising secret, at least for now. The once noble Green Lantern is even seen drinking the Wonder Twin Smoothie, just before he burns BLANK. Sickening imagery that surely sticks with you throughout the rest of the story. It really sets the tone early on. Allowing readers to prepare themselves for the horrors ahead.

4 – Green Lantern Kills Barry Allen/The Flash

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When the Vampire uprising starts Green Lantern takes his friend Barry Allen/The Flash away from the other Justice Leaguers. The corrupted Lantern lets his once close friend know that he is going to kill him. Revealing to the Scarlett Speedster that he is indeed a Vampire, and he did want to turn his friend, but the council wouldn’t allow it. As Barry’s speed paired with the hunger of a Vampire would decimate the world’s population in seconds. HE was too dangerous to turn and to dangerous to be left alive. He had to die.

DC vs Vampires Vol 1: Most Shocking Moments – Top 3

3 – Batman Dooms Superman

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Superman and the other Justice Leaguers come to the Batcave due to Green Lantern lying to them. He says Bruce is the Vampire among them and they go to question him. Only to find Green Arrow with Batman in what seems to be a secret meeting. Tension runs high amongst the Justice League as Green Lantern pushes for a fight. During their escape Batman sprays Superman with Kryptonite, causing him to be unable to move. Leaving him prey to the Vampire Green Lantern.

2 – Nightwing Crushes Tim Drake’s (Red Robin) Skull

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One of the most gruesome scenes comes when Nightwing stomps on Tim Drake’s skull. Completely shattering it, killing the young Robin in an instant. Leaving Jason Todd and Damian Wayne to fend off Nightwing on their own.

DC vs Vampires Vol 1: Most Shocking Moments – Top 1

1 – Nightwing kills Batman

The Bat-Family Suffers Their Greatest Loss Ever In Deadliest Fight Yet
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The book delivers on the action throughout the story, with the very best coming at the end. When a Vampire Nightwing takes on the Bat Family. Starting the combat by swiftly plunging his arm through Batman’s chest. The caped crusader coughs up blood and drops to the ground. Leaving all the other former Robins alone with original. But the audience or other Robins don’t get to grieve, they have to fight of the monster before anyone can do anything.

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