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Epstein Theatre
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Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

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Postal Address: 85 Hanover Street, Liverpool L1 3DZ
Telephone Number: 0844 888 4411

About Epstein Theatre

The Epstein Theatre is certainly a venue with a very unique history. But its place as part of Liverpool’s entertainment offerings is the strongest in recent memory. First opening in 1913 as Cranes Music Hall, it would undergo several name changes. So, these include Cranes Theatre and the Neptune Theatre (for which a major “N” still sits above the stage). And finally it would become the Epstein Theatre, in honour of The Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein, in 2012. With a refurbishment and full reopening, the Epstein would breathe new life into Liverpool’s local theatre scene. Furthermore, it showcases both up-and-coming talent with their careers on the rise and top-level performers boasting years of experience. So, no matter what genre of shows you enjoy, you can find it all at the Epstein Theatre!


The Epstein Theatre plays host to all sorts of shows covering anyone’s tastes in live entertainment. So, one example is music, which encompasses new bands, old-school artists and tributes to all-time greats. Then, there’s comedy, with routines from legendary local figures and rising stars. Not forgetting children’s entertainment, with television recreations and local school plays gracing the Epstein stage. And there are also multiple pantomimes throughout the year, which are amongst the Epstein’s most popular shows.


Liverpool Epstein has a wide variety of shows, and as such, it caters to all demographics. Now, the majority are family-friendly musical performances targeting adults in their 30s and 40s. But there are plenty of children’s productions and pantomimes to cater towards younger attendees. Furthermore, live comedy performances and plays adhere to teenagers and young adults, with tribute shows appealing to older adults.

Epstein Theatre Seating

Epstein Liverpool has 380 seats. It is an intimate auditorium, one that provides a great atmosphere for sold-out productions. But it’s also one that allows you to get up close and personal when the show is of a smaller scale. Additionally, the majority of seats are in the stalls on the ground level. And 102 of these look over from the first floor circle space.

Box Office & Facilities

The Grade II listed building that houses the Epstein does so on its second floor. And this also contains the additional Brian’s Bar for pre- and post-show drinks. What’s more, there is an elevator that can bring attendees to the main foyer and box office. The latter is open from 14.00 to 18.00 on weekdays, and prior to show time for ticket collections. Not forgetting the circular staircase that can lead you to the theatre in the most unique of fashions!


Epstein Theatre Liverpool sits on Hanover Street in the heart of Liverpool’s busy nightlife. So, to its immediate right is the Head Of Steam bar and restaurant. And to its left are a series of multicultural food establishments. Furthermore, across the road are a wide variety of pubs and clubs across numerous streets, plus several hotels. And of course the venue itself is a standout part of the city centre as a whole.

Car Parking Near Epstein Theatre

The nearest car park to Liverpool Epstein Theatre is the Q-Park. So, this is just a little further down Hanover Street as you head towards Liverpool One shopping district. Also, anyone who purchases tickets for an Epstein show online can receive a 20% discount on their parking there. Now, this happens via a code on the e-ticket, making this crucial if you’re driving up to the Epstein.

Public Transport

Now, some buses do pass down Hanover Street. But we recommend that you walk through to Queen’s Square Bus Station. There, you can find any one of an array of buses to take you home. Additionally, there is a taxi rank just yards away from the venue outside Lloyds Bank. And Liverpool Central Train Station is very close if you need the last train home after a show.


Directly on the right-hand side of the venue is The Head Of Steam. So, this was formerly The Abbey under different owners. But the reimagined Head Of Steam (itself previously within Lime Street Station) offers tasty drinks and lots of soothing beverages. Also nearby are other restaurants covering all sorts of international tastes, from Lunya to Bem Brazil.

Bars, Pubs & Clubs

There is no shortage of options here! So, the Epstein is right across the street from O’Neills, and right around the corner from The Old Post Office. What’s more, directly facing the Theatre is a line of bars and clubs catering to all musical preferences. So, these range from Revolution to Popworld, with dozens of other entertainment establishments within walking distance.


Liverpool’s Epstein Theatre has several hotels close by for those having an overnight stay or even a long weekend. So, the nearest B&B is Hanover Hotel, sitting right above McCartney’s Bar (also honouring a Beatles legend). But the Premier Inn and Novotel are also a few hundred yards away, and are perfect for frequent travellers.

Other Local Services

The venue sits directly within the city centre. And this allows you to visit all of Liverpool’s busiest shopping areas in no time. So, these range from Lord Street to St. John’s Precinct and from Clayton Square to Liverpool One. Furthermore, the venue is around a 15-minute walk from the historic Albert Dock. And that is as big a part of Liverpool’s cultural emblem as anything within the city.

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Telephone Number: 0844 888 4411

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