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Royal Court Theatre
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Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool

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Postal Address: 1 Roe Street, Liverpool L1 1HL
Telephone Number: 0151 709 4321

About Royal Court Theatre

The Royal Court Theatre is the second largest in Liverpool when it comes to capacity. Additionally, it’s arguably the venue most in tune with Scouse humour, given the strong emphasis on local productions. So, this art deco building is the recent recipient of major transformations to bring it into the current generation. However, the Theatre hasn’t lost its charm, its wit or its heritage. Evidence of this would come by the major celebrations to mark its 80th anniversary back in the autumn of 2018. So, perfect for those wanting to experience life as a Liverpudlian, the Royal Court is more than worthy of attention.


Every month or so, the Royal Court Theatre holds a major show. Now, this often has a local link, with the show running for around four weeks, which includes weekend and matinee performances. And these range from rib-tickling comedies to serious dramas to Christmassy tales. Additionally, there are smaller indie shows at The Studio, a smaller auditorium within the main complex.


Liverpool Royal Court has a variety of shows throughout the year. Now, the majority of these target teenagers and adults via their more mature content. Again, we mention how shows often focus upon local humour and familiarity with local culture. And this carries forward into the shows themselves, which allow the audience to relive memories about the city of Liverpool. So, this ranges from the old days to the modern developments. Hence the Royal Court shows often using comedy to highlight the city’s transformation and its amusingly unusual habits and slang.

Royal Court Theatre Seating

Royal Court Liverpool seats up to 1,186 attendees for a show. Now, this includes the recent addition of dining tables towards the front of the ground floor within the Auditorium. So, this allows show-goers to enjoy meals prior to the beginning of a performance. Meanwhile, the interior of the venue has a circular design, in particular for the upper decks.

Box Office & Facilities

As part of the major redesign of both the interior and exterior of the theatre, the Royal Court would introduce Café 38. So, this is a ground floor restaurant allowing attendees to enjoy food and drink during the day prior to a show. Actually, you could always pop by for an afternoon treat even when there are no shows on. Furthermore, lifts are available for those requiring accessibility to the first floor (the upper Circle). Additionally, there is a balcony allowing people to look over at the city from inside the venue.


Royal Court Theatre Liverpool sits at the immediate front, to the left-hand side, of St. John’s Precinct shopping centre. As such, it is easily recognisable and easily accessible from the city’s retail establishments. Also, the venue is yards away from restaurants, both on the same side of Roe Street and across the road. And there are also hotels and other stores nearby, as well as key transport links for the city.

Car Parking Near Royal Court Theatre

Again, Liverpool Royal Court Theatre is directly next to St John’s Precinct Shopping Centre. And this includes a major car park for anyone wishing to enjoy a night at the theatre. Now, it can get busy, but it provides the best access for anyone driving to a show. Furthermore, you can even browse around the stores before show time!

Public Transport

Right along and across the street from the Theatre is Queens Square Bus Station. And that’s where almost all of Liverpool’s major buses pass through, right into the early hours. Additionally, there is a small taxi rank, both outside the venue and a little further along towards Yates. Meanwhile, both Lime Street Station and Liverpool Central Station are within walking distance for anyone requiring a train home.


Across the street are a whole host of eating quarters, with plenty of choice depending on what you prefer. So, just some of those less than five minutes away include The Fall Well (a Wetherspoon’s restaurant), Nando’s and Five Guys. Not forgetting ASK Italian, La Tasca and Yates. Or if you want to get a smaller treat, Costa Coffee is also just across the road.

Bars, Pubs & Clubs

Right next to the venue is The Courtyard. So, previously known as The Penny Farthing, this bar would have a redevelopment of its own. And this, along with its new name, would arrive just a few years ago. So, it now offers the perfect location to enjoy pre- and post-show drinks. Also, The Courtyard has an outdoor area which is ideal for the summer months. And you’ll often hear performers close their shows by suggesting that attendees join them there for a bevy afterwards.


The Marriott Hotel is a stone’s throw from the Theatre. And as such, it’s the ideal night-time resting place if you’re coming from outside the city to see a show. But within walking distance are plenty of other hotels, ranging from small B&Bs to major hotels as part of national chains. So, these include the Holiday Inn, as well as a famous Liverpool hotel in The Adelphi.

Other Local Services

As noted, St. John’s Precinct Shopping Centre encompasses the Theatre complex. Therefore, the Precinct warrants a pre-show visit for anyone coming from outside Liverpool to see a show live. Meanwhile, the venue sits within the city’s famous nightlife quarter. And so it won’t take long to find a pub or a club. All of which means that your theatre show of choice could simply be the beginning of your evening out.

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