Who Could Replace Kang as the MCU’s Next Big Bad?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has been faced with a massive setback. The star of the next saga, titled the Multiverse Saga, has been convicted of several allegations and is awaiting sentencing. Marvel has wisely cut ties with the actor but sadly due to a rumored clause in Major’s contract that dictates only he play Kang Marvel are without their Kang. As they are most likely unable to get out of the contract until Major’s is actually found guilty and sentenced. So, the heads of the MCU are reportedly swapping out Kang for another big bad. Here are our suggestions for who could replace Kang as the MCU’s next big bad…

Who Could Replace Kang as the MCU’s Next Big Bad? – Top 3

Replacement 3 – Fox’s X-Men

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With “Fraiser Beast” appearing in the post credit scene of The Marvels, and the expanding multiverse, many fans believe an iconic storyline from the comics will be adapted. This being Avengers vs X-Men.  Except this will specifically be Fox’s X-Men universe colliding with the main MCU universe in an incursion that will threaten both worlds. This would be an amazing way to finally give the Fox X-Men universe the sendoff it deserves. As their second Pheonix Saga adaptation was a poor send off for one of the pioneering superhero series.

Replacement 2 – Doctor Doom

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The most popular theory going around at the moment is Doctor Doom will replace Kang. This is mainly due to Avengers Secret Wars already being announced. In both Secret War Adaptions Doctor Doom plays pivotal roles. Being the main villain in the original and the main character in the retelling. With him taking on the role of a God as he merges all the surviving worlds together into an amalgamation universe he calls Battleworld. In which our heroes are forced to fight, and he rules supreme, with some heroes trying to rebel against his tyrannical dictatorship.  Some fans have even fan-casted Henry Cavil as the iconic Supervillain after rumors leaked he was going over to the red team. Tell me you don’t want to see an evil Henry Cavill rule a world of superheroes? You can’t can you?

The only downside of Doom is that a lot of his fans want him to be built up. Like Thanos was over the Infinity Saga, like how Kang was. Rather than just shoehorned in as a replacement. Perhaps they will have a big reveal that he has been pulling the strings from the background. Releasing a short or something showing how he’s been manipulating things behind the scenes. Either way one thing is for certain. Secret Wars is Doom’s story. He needs to be its main character. He also needs to be built up properly. So perhaps pushing Secret Wars would be a good idea. Which could be the case if they are pivoting towards an Avengers vs X-Men movie.

Who Could Replace Kang as the MCU’s Next Big Bad? – Top 1

Replacement 1 – Galactus

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The planet eating Giant, Galactus, is an iconic foe of the Marvel universe. Often tangling with the Fantastic Four, the villain acts mostly through his heralds. Whose job is solely to find worlds for him to consume. That’s right instead of chicken nuggets and bacon, Galactus consumes who planets to feed himself. With the multiverse saga bringing in all these worlds, they could tweak Galactus to be unique throughout the multiverse. With him having the ability to travel between them and feed on whatever planets he wishes. This could be a creative new take on the character and be an effective substitute to Kang.


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