48 Meters Down (Roberts, 2017) – Movie Review

48 Meters Down Details

Distributor: Entertainment Studio Motion Pictures (NA), & Entertainment One (UK)
Production Companies: The Fyzz Facility, Dragon Root, Flexibon Films, Lantica Pictures, and Dimension Films  
Director: Johannes Roberts
Producers: James Harris, and Mark Lane

Scriptwriters: Johannes Roberts
Main Cast: Claire Holt, Mandy Moore, Matthew Modine, and Chris J Johnson

Released: 16th June 2017 (US), 26th July 2017 (UK)

Running Time:  85 Minutes
Certificate: 12A

48 Meters Down

As you may know if you have read any of my reviews here on Writebase is that I love my creature features. Particularly shark films, particularly the best film ever made – JAWS! So, I wanted to dive into the world of creature features once again. I want to fill out the shark film top 10 list with movies I have reviewed on here for any like minded movie fans. Which lead me to searching for another shark film, luckily 48 Meters Down was available on demand.

Story of 48 Meters Down

The story of 48 Meters Down follows two sisters as they go on vacation to Mexico. They meet some guys in a bar and decide to go cage diving. Unfortunately, for the sisters the dive goes array, leading the cage to plummet to the bottom. Leaving the girls trapped 48 meters down with prowling Great Whites that got chummed into a frenzy. However, a clever foreshadowed twist makes this shark film float above the murky water of cliché creature features.

Analysis of 48 Meters Down

The story is a little basic, but I actually like how this film is quick in getting its setup over and out of the way. After all we all watch creature features for the creatures, not to get invested into the reason why everyone is gonna get eaten. 48 Meters Down also utilizes clever but subtle use of foreshadowing. I was able to guess the twist before it happened, I really like when a film does this. It makes anything that plays out on scene more credible to actually happen. The two sisters was ok for most of the film, I did find them a bit cringy at times. Luckily their chemistry saved any awkward to watch scenes for me. The CGI is really well down aswell bringing a more realistic version of Great Whites to screen.

Summary of 48 Meters Down

The music aswell is superb, it really tries to implement the feeling relayed by the Jaws original score. To summarize 48 Meters Down doesn’t quite compare with the big 3 (Jaws, Meg, and Deep Blue Sea) yet it does solidly fit in that Shallows area. With both films being amazingly unique amongst the other cliché creature features. Having the bravery to go somewhere the genre hadn’t gone before. With that being said I must give the creator props as although the sequel in my opinion is a much worse film. The unique story setup of the sequel alone is worth applauding. I am excited to see what Johannes Roberts does in their future.  One thing is for certain expect a review of their Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City soon.

Ranking 48 Meters Down

Shark Movie Ranking

  1. Jaws
  2. Meg
  3. Deep Blue Sea
  4. Shallows
  5. 48 Meters down
  6. Bait
  7. Potentially Great White? We shall see…..

Sadly however 48 Meters Down is not gonna change my top 10 creature features.

  1. Jaws
  2. Tremors
  3. Jurassic Park
  4. Meg
  5. Deep Blue Sea
  6. Lake Placid
  7. Anaconda
  8. Shallows
  9. Piranha 3DD
  10. Python

Overall Rating: 7.5 – Good

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