Bullet Train (Leitch, 2022)– Movie Review

Brad Pitt has shown time and again that his career is nowhere near slowing down. Arguably some of his best performances have come in his later years such as World War Z, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and of course the amazing action comedy- Bullet Train.

Details of Bullet Train

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Distributor: Sony Pictures Releasing
Production Companies: Colombia Pictures & 87North Productions
Director: David Leitch

Producers: Kelly McCormick, David Leitch, & Antoine Fuqua 

Scriptwriters: Zak Olkewicz

Based on: Maria Beetle (Bullet Train) by Kotaro Isaka

Main Cast: Brad Pitt, Joey King, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Brian Tyree Henry, Andrew Koji, Hiroyuki Sanada, Michael Shannon, Benito A. Martinez Ocasio, & Sandra Bullock.   
Released: 5th August 2022

Running Time:  126 Minutes

Story of Bullet Train

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The story of Bullet Train follows an assassin called “Ladybug”, who has remarkable bad luck, filling in for another assassin (Carter) as he as called in sick. Ladybug was told it would be a simple snatch and grab on a bullet train. Board the train, grab the briefcase, and exit at the next stop. Simple doesn’t always mean easy however as it’s slowly revealed there is five assassins on the bullet train. Are they all after the briefcase?

Ladybug has to form unlikely alliances as people start dropping left and right all the while everyone battles for the briefcase. Hoping to acquire it before reaching the end at Kyoto where the White Death will be waiting for them.

Analysis of Bullet Train

The Bullet Train

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The sleek aerodynamic design looks as if it was brought back from the future. It’s the perfect setting for a high paced action film. Which Bullet Train shows straight from the bat. Having multiple characters all run around this train trying to get the briefcase causes a sense of chaotic confusion that persists throughout the whole film. Be it from the confusion of where the briefcase has gone, why there are so many assassins, or any of the few twists that happen. You will find yourself sitting back and relaxing as you enjoy the splendor that is Bullet Trains chaotic confusion unravel.

The Cast

How Bullet Train's Convoluted Plot All Comes Together
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The cast was by far one of the standout attractions of the film. Brad Pitt, Beatz, Johnson, and the rest put in incredible performances that are sure to stay fresh in audiences’ memories. Lemon and Tangerine are the two (besides Ladybug) who stood out. Their comedic repertoire provides more than one chuckle. The introduction of them both being twins adds a sense of mystery and confusion as your not sure if it’s a joke. Until later when its revealed they were both raised together.  

Lemon’s obsession with Thomas the Tank Engine is by far the best reoccurring joke and weirdly provides the most “realistic” dialogue exchanges. It even brings around some of the most cathartic moments. For instance, when Lemon finally uncovers who his hidden “diesel” is. Something he calls the worst of people. Using Thomas the Tank Engine characters to help identify people’s motives and character.

“The Prince”, White Death’s daughter, hits the ground running putting in one of the most dynamic and enthralling performances in movie history. Her character is so good at playing people its actually something to watch. Off-putting some of the usual frustration characters like this invoke. She does indeed get what’s coming to her by the end of the movie, so try to enjoy her engaging character while she’s around.

The Book

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The book the film is based on is actually the second of a trilogy. The Hitman Trilogy is written by Kotaro Isaka. It’s characters in the book are mainly Japanese and some criticism has been thrown at the film for casting mainly British and American talent. Making the Japanese characters that do remain blend so much into the Japanese setting they don’t really feel like the key characters they are.


Bullet Train Film Cast: Other Roles You've Seen the Actors Play
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Bullet Train perfectly blends action and comedy in this blockbuster adaption of the second Hitman book by Kotaro Isaka. Brad Pitt and the rest of the cast put in stunning performances that are sure to leave a lasting memory. Tangerine and Lemon stole every scene they were apart in. Despite the criticism of whitewashing and including mostly British or American talent, Bullet Train is a remarkable film that will see you laughing as well as shocked. It’s just a shame they couldn’t include more prominent Japanese roles/characters.

Recommendation: YES!