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Day Shift – Details

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Day Shift – Netflix Original

Distributor: Netflix
Production Companies: 87Eleven Entertainment, & Impossible Dream Entertainment

Director: J. J. Perry
Producers: Shaun Redick, Yvette Yates Redick, Chad Stahelski, & Jason Spitz

Scriptwriters: Tyler Tice & Shay Hatten (Story by Tyler Tice)
Main Cast: Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Meagan Good, Karla Souza, Steve Howey, Scott Adkins, & Snoop Dogg

Released: 12th August 2022

Running Time:  104 Minutes
Certificate: 12A

Day Shift

Recently after binge watching What We Do In The Shadows in two days I found myself craving entertainment of the supernatural variety. I was going to watch Van Helsing but saw that Day Shift had just been released. A decision I do not disappoint making as the movie was a comedic supernatural delight.

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Story of Day Shift

The story of Day Shift follows a vampire hunter who moonlights as a pool boy in order to hunt vampires. The problem is that his ex-wife and daughter are going to be moving away from Los Angeles unless BLANK can raise enough money by then. Finding the black-market dealer of the vampire underworld’s prices to low, he seeks another way. He enlists the help of Big John (Snoop Dogg) to get back into the Union and make enough money to stop his daughter and wife from moving.

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Elder Vampire

However nothing is ever that simple in a action movie, he and BLANK stumble across the big bad vampire of the local area. Her master plan involves sunscreen that protects vamps from the sun. Luckily, after she holds BLANKS family hostage he manages to kill her. With her being an Elder vampire her teeth are worth more than their weight in gold. Meaning BLANK ends the movie with enough money to keep his family in Los Angeles.

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Analysis of Day Shift

The cast performed superbly, especially throughout all the action scenes. I particularly enjoyed watching the two brothers at work. The final fight involves some foreshadowing from the beginning and is a decent watch but is a tad cliché. However Dave Franco performing without a head is just too hilarious to pass up. The film does lean into its not so serious nature at multiple points in which I believe they managed to pull off. These moments, at least for me, accompanied the tone nicely and allowed for switching tones between scenes. The fights are cut a bit weird at times, timing wise as the two fights on screen didn’t always seem to be on the same timeline. This tended to happen to Franco’s character whenever he was fighting whilst the camera cut to another fight.  Where the film truly shines is its action scenes which are entertainment at its finest.

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Summary of Day Shift

Day Shift isn’t the most though provoking supernatural film, however it is rammed with laughs and stunning choreography. The action scenes are some of the best in the genre that I have ever seen. In fact I haven’t been as entertained by supernatural fighting since first watching Blade. Jamie Foxx and Dave Franco have amazing chemistry. Franco actually holds up his own in the action sequences often being just as enjoyable to watch as Jamie Foxx or the two brothers. Snoop Dogg is also worth a mention. Here he portrays Big John a black Cowboy who straps a minigun called Big Berilla. The story and plot are a tad cliché, but the actual fights and the comedic dialogue will have you more than entertained. The new directions they take on the tired-out vampire are very intelligent. The way they have their vampires move is very entrancing and petrifying all at the same time.

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Overall Rating: 9 – Outstanding!

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