Film Review: School of Rock

Movie: School of Rock

Production Company: Scott Rudin Productions

Director: Richard Linklater

Producers: Scott Rudin

Scriptwriters: Mike White

Main Cast: Jack Black, Joan Cusack, Mike White.

Release Date: October 2003

Running Time: 1hr 49min

Certificate: PG


If you want to watch a film where Jack Black plays a much more chaotic version of himself that probably deserves to be on some kind of register: this is the perfect film for you. With the incredible acting and comedy talents of Jack Black, Sarah Siverman, Joan Cusack and Mike White, ‘School of Rock’ offers a couple of hours of light-hearted comedy release from the outside world.


When guitarist Dewey Flynn (Jack Black) is kicked out of his own band, he needs to find a way to earn some money so he doesn’t get evicted from his flat. So, he does the only logical thing and impersonated his best friend, Ned Schneebly by becoming a temporary teacher. At first, Dewey finds it difficult to warm towards the kids in his class, but the more he gets to know them, the more he finds out that they are all musically gifted, so he decides to exploit their musical ability to make some quick cash.


At first glance, an audience might just see this film as a ridiculous children’s film- but this is far from the case.

Jack Black’s comedic skill working alongside a group of child actors really showcases his talent as he is able to mirror their performance and play his character Dewey as a big kid. He is such a likable character, but he breaks so many rules, laws, ethics and puts children in danger- so the fact that the character is still so likable is a huge achievement for the writers.

As well as this, the soundtrack to the film is phenomenal with the use of songs by artists such as Fleetwood Mac, The Darkness, The Who, The Doors, Led Zeplin and many other rock and roll artists. As well as many original songs which are very catchy and fit in with the stylistic approaches of the film.

This film was such a success in fact that it has since become a 2015 Broadway musical and a 2016 television series.

The only flaws with this film is some of the child actors were quite inexperienced with acting, and this shows and can bring the audience out of the film slightly. Also, the plot of the film is quite unrealistic, as a school would never let Dewey teach a group of kids without completing ID and DBS checks, and this does make the audience continue to consider these plot holes throughout the film. However, these are just minor things, and the film as a whole is a very enjoyable watch.


To summarise, ‘School of Rock’ is a children’s film, but it has so many elements within the film that make it a lovable, comedic watch for the whole family- from the jokes to the music and the plot to the acting, whether you are six or sixty, there will be something in this film you find entertaining.

Overall Rating: 7/10 – Respectable

Recommendation: Yes