Jurassic Park 3 – Movie Review

Distributor: Universal Pictures
Production Companies: Universal Pictures, Amblin Entertainment
Director: Joe Johnston
Producers: Kathleen Kennedy & Larry Franco
Scriptwriters: Peter Buchman, Alexander Payne, & Jim Taylor
Main Cast: Sam Neill, William H. Macy, Tea Leoni, Alessandro Nivola, Trevor Morgan, & Michael Jeter
Released: 18th July 2001

Running Time: 92 Minutes
Certificate: PG

Jurassic Park 3 (Johnston, 2001)

Jurassic Park has forever been one of my favorite movie franchises. With the original trilogy being associated to many childhood memories, including ones of hiding behind the cushions. Jurassic Park 3 usually gets the most hate out of the original movies, yet I hold it in good regard. Perhaps my second favorite Jurassic Park to date coming just behind the original movie. The Spinosaurus is iconic and was by far my favorite dinosaur of the series. Plus, I like to believe the little fan theory that suggest the escaping pterodactyls are the reason the military are even involved with InGen in the new trilogy.  Adding some much-needed credence to this movie, other than having the return of Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neil).  

Plot of Jurassic Park 3

The story follows a young boy who accidentally crash lands a parachute onto Isla Sorna. A rescue team is sent to the island with the sole mission of recovering the boy. Dr. Alan Grant is recruited to be one the people sent due to his vast knowledge of the inhabiting dinosaurs and his firsthand experience surviving them. Accompanied by some mercenaries hired by the boy’s divorced parents Paul (William H Macy) and Amanda Kirby (Tea Leoni), who also venture to the island. Luckily Eric (Trevor Morgan) is found by Dr. Grant and is still alive having been using an overturned supply truck as a base. However, whilst leaving the island they have to fend for themselves against Velociraptors, a Spinosaurus, a T-Rex, and Pterodactyls. Before fortunately making it to the beach where they are air lifted off the island by the military.

Spinosaurus of Jurassic Park 3

Firstly, Jurassic Park 3 holds up more than its own when compared to other trilogy films in terms of dinosaurs included. Although I may be biased the inclusion of the Spinosaurus is still one fans petition to be brought back into the franchise. With Colin Navarro actually originally proposing to have the Spinosaurus fight the T-Rex in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom rather than the Carnosaur that does feature. Yes, the might is not as much weight in how this film canonically connects with the rest of the franchise but that doesn’t take away from the story.

Summary of Jurassic Park 3

Love it or hate it, you have got to admire the vast majority of habitats and locations we visit in such a limited space being set on the island. Also, the fact it had somewhat of a sea monster stalking our survivors in the water which ended in a fiery climax, yet not finished leaving you tense for the rest of the film. Not being able to fully write off the possibility of the disastrous monster rearing its fanged like teeth again, jaws gnashing.  Although I did find myself annoyed at the mother at times, I found the rest of the cast enjoyable to watch. With the standout performance of course being the return of Sam Neil as Dr. Alan Grant. Jurassic Park 3 never fails to be pair the perfect music with the spectacular visuals.

Overall Rating: 9 – Outstanding!

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