Mortal Kombat Legends: Snow Blind (Morales, 2022) – Movie Review

Details of Mortal Kombat Legends: Snow Blind

Distributor: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment
Production Companies: Warner Bros. Animation & Digital eMation (Animation Services)
Director: Rick Morales
Producers: Jim Krieg & Rick Morales
Scriptwriters: Jeremy Adams (Based on characters created by Ed Boon & John Tobias
Main Cast: Manny Jacinto, David Wenham, Ron Yuan, Keith Silverstein, Courtenay Taylor, Yuri Lowenthal, Artt Butler, Imari Williams
Released: 11th October 2022
Running Time: 88 Minutes
Certificate: 18

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Story of Mortal Kombat Legends: Snow Blind

The story of Mortal Kombat Legends: Snow Blind takes place years after Battle of the Realms, in which Earth has reverted to a wasteland. With the film looking like Mad Max crossed with Mortal Kombat the original story setting is very intriguing. We are shown the Black Dragon Clan (Kabal, Kobra, Erron Black, Kira) and their methods of “protection” as they go round the wasteland getting settlements to pledge loyalty to their leader- King Kano. Who in this world looks as if he got combined with DC’s Cyborg. It does work however in my opinion. The King Kano persona is one that is equally terrifying and entertaining. Which is up there with the Joker and Handsome Jack for maniacal entertaining bad guys.

When Kobra, Kabal, and Kira find an elderly Sub-Zero they jump him and steal food from his wagon. Afterwards they followed the direction he was heading. Stumbling upon an unknown settlement they decide to take it for themselves when Kenshi arrives.  The stubborn swordsman challenges the three to a fight and wins, only to force them to retreat back to King Kano. Upon their return King Kano sends Tremor and Shang Tsung along with them to deal with the problem.

Just before the Black Dragons arrive Sub-Zero is being hassled by an inquisitive Kenshi acquiring about the warrior’s mysterious past. Tremor arrives and fights Kenshi, beaten he becomes depressed. Seeing his change Shang Tsung approaches Kenshi under the disguise of Song, just like the Midway timeline. Having use Kenshi to feed on his family’s souls Shang Tsung regains power to confront King Kano. 

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It’s here the supreme sorcerer now regenerated and revigorated with power sees to take out his newfound master. Unfortunately for him King Kano saw this coming, in fact he sent Shang there with this sole intent. He had got bored and wished for a challenge. A challenge Shang could hopefully provide. In this battle King Kano hints to his secret power, the reason he is in power.

Afterwards Sub-Zero and Kenshi (along with a summoned ally) raid King Kano’s base and kill the remaining Black Dragons. It is also revealed that King Kano’s secret weapon was Kronica’s Hourglass. The film ends with Sub-Zero leaving Kenshi in charge of the Lin Kuai, leaving from a portal with his summoned ally.

Analysis of Mortal Kombat Legends: Snow Blind

The new take on the MK universe is greatly appreciated. With the first two animated films retelling some key moments but not that differently it was really good to see Kenshi’s backstory retold but in an actual unique setting. Earth has become a wasteland and King Kano rules utilizing his secret weapon- Kronica’s Hourglass. Which he has been using to rewrite time whenever he gets bored of his new world.

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  Its good to see the creative heads at WB/NRS are actually trying new things in the MK universe as some recent offerings have had quite a lot of fan backlash regarding certain events always being retold. While some of the entertaining story elements from the Midway timeline are being completely ignored and forgotten. Hopefully this will be the start of new trend that gives us a healthy balance of retelling old stories whilst telling new ones.

The seemingly ever reliance on company/franchise mascot- Scorpion does seem to be hindering the creative team actively developing  characters outside the main cast. Snow Blind falls onto a double-bladed sword in this aspect, Scorpion’s inclusion is cool, it does add a bit of flair to the end of the story yet when he is getting shoehorned into everything MK, it does seem a bit repetitive. Even though it sets up an amazing dynamic for Scorpion and Sub-Zero in the future.

That being said it was nice seeing some MK outcasts such as Tremor, No Face, Kobra, and Kira getting included into a MK story. I really liked the design for Tremor, the molten lava-rock aesthetic was amazing. It really worked for me and gave Tremor the ability to have some awesomely animated action sequences.

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Voice acting was fantastic throughout the film with many performers pulling out all the stops, this has to be the best cast MK film to date. Fighting animations were creative aswell as entertaining, I particularly enjoyed the fight between Shang Shung and King Kano aswell as when Tremors beats Kenshi.

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Summary of Mortal Kombat Legends: Snow Blind

In summary Mortal Kombat Legends: Snow Blind is the most unique and original of the three animated films set MK universe. With the first Scorpion’s Revenge following his redemption arc, and Battle of The Realms being of MK2 this is the first one that differs in any major way. Having take place decades after the events of Battle of the Realms, when earth-realm has been turned into a giant Mad Max style wasteland. However, the final acts sudden reliance on scorpion (even though its foreshadowed earlier in the film) makes us question can WB/NRS make a MK story that doesn’t rely on the same flagship characters.

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Overall Rating: 8 – Very Good!

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