Run Fatboy Run – Movie Review

Distributor: Entertainment Film Distributors (UK) & New Line Cinema (United States)
Production Companies: Picturehouse & Material Entertainment
Director: David Schwimmer
Producers: Sarah Curtis, & Robert Jones
Scriptwriters: Screenplay by Simon Pegg & Michael Ian Black. Story by Michael Ian Black.
Main Cast: Simon Pegg, Thandiwe Newton, Hank Azaria, Dylan Moran, and Harish Patel
Released: 7th September 2007

Running Time: 100 Minutes
Certificate: 12A

Run Fatboy Run

Having recently watched season 2 of Staged I was pleased to see Nick Frost and Simon Pegg guest star. I loved the meta comedy the show is really good at. It did however get me craving some more Simon Pegg. So, after a browse on Netflix, I came across Run, Fatboy, Run, a film I had watched before and loved so didn’t hesitate before watching it again.

Story of Run Fatboy Run

The story of Run Fatboy Run follows Dennis (Simon Pegg) as he tries to prove to his family he can change. Unfortunately, his ex-Libby has found a new boyfriend called Whit. Dennis is still determined to win back Dennis however and is desperate to do so. In the spur of the moment Dennis agrees to run a marathon to prove he has changed. With some help from Libby’s cousin Gordon and neighbor Mr Ghoshdastidar he starts training for the marathon. With Blank placing a bet on Dennis to finish the marathon.

The Ending of Run Fatboy Run

Whit proposes to Libby at her birthday party shortly before the marathon which leaves Dennis miserable and hopeless, he announces he’s not running. His friends then show Dennis how much they believed in him. This paired with an enlightening talk with his son Jake ended up driving Dennis even further not put off achieving his goal. On the day of the run however Whit and Dennis collide and results in Dennis spraining their ankle and Whit dropping out to head to hospital. It is then made knowledge Whit knocked blank down to try to force him out of the race. Libby and their son race down to watch blank finish the race even though he’s injured. The three embrace when he crosses the finish line.

Analysis of Run Fatboy Run

The film is an amazing small, budgeted comedy written and starring the wonderful Simon Pegg. The cast is diverse (something that wasn’t always present in 2007) and all comedic in their own right. I loved the scenes between Dennis and his son Jake. The fight scene between Dennis and Gordon is honestly one of the funniest fight scenes I’ve ever watched. During the marathon the Reporter is repeatedly heard breaking character as he channels the viewer and gets a bit too into the drama unfolding. I liked the comparison between Dennis and Whit. We were shown how Whit interacted with Jake, how in many ways Whit wanted to be the child himself and demanded to be center of attention. While Dennis was weirdly confident not being in the center of attention. It was in these scenes when he was one on one with people, we got to see how much he truly cared for everyone in his life.

Summary of Run Fatboy Run

Run Fatboy Run is an amazing comedic example of both Simon Pegg’s performing and writing talents. Aswell as providing the perfect example of the quality that Friends actor David Schwimmer can create when behind the camera as Director. Overall, the film is a fun daft comedy with an overall heart-warming message and moral. To keep trying, to always give your best and if you do that you will always be worthy of the one’s you love. A simple but beautiful message paired with belly laughs throughout.

 Overall Rating: 7.5 – Good



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