Movie Review: Birdbox starring Sandra Bullock

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Production Companies:  Blueglass Films and Chris Morgan Productions
Director:  Susanne Bier
Producers:  Dylan Clark, Chris Morgan and Clayton Townsend
Scriptwriters:  Eric Heisserer
Main Cast:  Sandra Bullock, Sarah Paulson, Trevante Rhodes, John Malkovich and Danielle Macdonald
Release Date: December 21 2018
Running Time:   124 Minutes
Certificate: 15

Apart from Netflix’s range ‘films based on Books’ this one is certainly worth the watch.


Birdbox, set in a post-apocalyptic world tells the story of Malorie Hayes (Sandra Bullock) and multiple others. Beginning with Malorie in a boat with two unnamed children, she explains that as they go down the river, they must not remove their blindfolds or else they will die. After this, the first scene of the film transitions between five years ago and now. This film explores every moment that has led her to be on this boat.

Firstly, we are introduced to a pregnant Malorie, who is being accompanied to the hospital by her sister Jessica(Sarah Paulson.) Before attending the hospital, the news report shows unexplained suicides in Romania. After leaving her appointment, Malorie witnesses a woman banging her head against the window, causing her death. The chaos has begun. Soon after, Jessica witnesses the entity, causing a car crash. A struggling Malorie crawls from the car. Whilst doing so, Jessica walks in front of a moving truck, killing herself.

Later, Malorie finds refuge in a local house after being welcomed in by a woman. Her husband Douglas played by John Malkovich expresses his concerns. Whilst doing so, his wife walks into a burning car. The house is filled with survivors. They all attempt to make sense of everyone’s actions. A big discussion of conspiracy theories takes place. After discovering everyone’s fears, the new-found “family” make plans for the future.

Quite sometime after, the group has another survivor, Olympia (Danielle Macdonald) who is also pregnant. After making a visit to the local supply store, they return and Olympia has welcomed in another survivor, Felix. Douglas is suspicious of him, and ultimately, he was correct. Marjorie and Olympia go into labor. Felix goes on a mission to cause the members of the house to suicide. Finally, Marjorie and Tom are the only ones to survive.

Now the film switches to Marjorie and Tom’s story. Five years later, the two are now looking after the children, finding a safe place to eventually live. The pair are ambushed by a group of people not wearing blindfolds. Tom sacrifices himself to save Marjorie and the children.

Heading further down the river after overcoming some difficult situations, Marjorie and the now named children Tom and Olympia have made it a school, a former school for the blind and decide to take refuge there.


To begin with, the film Birdbox distributed by Netflix was based on the original book written by Josh Malerman. The film portrayed a very intense psychological thriller, one that certainly had me gripped to my seat.

First things first, the star-studded cast enhances the narrative to become something of sheer-excellence. A film as complicated and intense as this needs to have a cast that works well together. Bullock and Malkovich have an onscreen connection that really does build the tension. I genuinely believe that these two characters don’t see eye to eye, but as the narrative pushes boundaries, so does their relationship. They all play their part accurately in comparison to what their character is trying to portray and I think that’s what makes this film work as well as it did.

Many have critiqued why they cannot see the entity. For me, this adds to the suspense of the film. We are on the side of the character. I appreciate knowing the same amount of knowledge about something as the character does. It saves me shouting at the TV and saves the “Don’t go in there” comments from leaving my mouth. In comparison to a similar film, ‘A Quiet Place’ who shows their entity, I personally feel in this genre, the creators of Birdbox added to the originality of a post-apocalyptic world.

Furthermore, I personally believe that this has been done to perform a deeper underlying message in regard to mental illness and suicide. They don’t have a face and it can affect anyone, even the most unsuspecting of people. The only way to survive is by using your voices. Finally, I recommend you re-watch the film again (one because it’s so worth it!) and two because you’ll see this message performed much more if you hadn’t realized it already.

Overall, I think Birdbox is a film that is well worth the watch. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this film and I think you will too.


To conclude, the cast of Birdbox establishes a film well worthy of a watch. A film that regards the superiority of intense moments to its highest level, it will certainly have you gripped.


Target Audience: 15+
Content:  Suicide, language, violence, and threat
Recommendation?: Yes

Overall Rating: 9/10 – Outstanding

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