Movie Review: Ocean’s 8 starring Sandra Bullock

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Ocean’s 8

Production Companies:  Warner Bros, Smokehouse Pictures, and Village Roadshow Pictures
Director: Gary Ross  
Producers: Susan Ekins, George Clooney, and Steven Soderbergh
Scriptwriters:  Olivia Milch and Gary Ross
Main Cast:  Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Rhianna, Sarah Paulson, Awkwafina, Mindy Kaling and Helena Bonham Carter
Release Date:  June 18 2018
Running Time:   110 Minutes
Certificate: 12

Ocean’s 8 a film with the perfect balance of crime, humor, and charm. With International Women’s Day approaching soon on March 8th, this is an addition to the Ocean’s film saga, which is unlike the others. This is a film that shows the empowerment of women whilst providing comedic relief.


Ocean’s 8 begins with Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock) who is the younger sister of the late Danny Ocean (George Clooney) finally being released from prison. A five-year sentence normally allows a prisoner to rehabilitate, not for Debbie. Despite explaining that she’s ready for normal life to the wardens, it’s clear that this is a great act.  After devising her next and ultimately the biggest heist of her life, she begins to consult the best in the field to help pull this ‘mission’ off.

Firstly, Debbie makes her way into a department store. Picking up products discreetly along the way, she heads to the checkout. Beginning with the sneaky idea to “return them” the store explains they have no receipt, no return policy. Insisting that it is not possible to return them. Obviously, Ocean keeps them as if she had bought them, walking free with expensive products.

After this small adventure, she begins to consult the team who will pull of this grand scheme. Beginning with Lou (Cate Blanchett) Debbie convinces this criminal turned club owner to get on board. After a catch-up, the two put their heads together. Later they begin to build a team good enough to pull this off.

At this time, their plan is to steal the “Toussaint” a valuable necklace, worth $150 million. They plan on doing this with the help of socialite, Daphne Kruger (Anne Hathaway.) They begin their journey, by scouting out failing fashion designer, Rose Weil, played by Helena Bonham Carter. Later Ocean scouts out an old friend, Amita (Mindy Kaling) who works with jewellery. Lou scouts out a hacker who goes by the name of ‘Nine Ball’ who is played by Rhianna. She shows her experience by hacking into the system of Lou’s and Debbie’s, proving her worth, she joins the team.

Finally, the two find the last two components of their plan. They look for a street scout and learn that Constance Wong (Awkwafina) is a master at pickpocketing. Just what they need. The final member of the team is Tammy played by Sarah Paulson. She is not shy of crime, as when Debbie visits her, her garage is full of stolen goods, despite living in the suburbs with a family. The team is complete and they are ready to begin the scheming plan.

Last but not least, a series of clips show how the team prepare to pull this heist off. Fast forward to the Met Gala, its time for the team to shine, quite literally.

With multiple twists and turns, a great revenge plot, that’s all I will reveal of this film’s narrative. You’ll have to watch the film to find out the rest. Ocean’s 8 is available to stream on Netflix today. Click here for more information about the film.


First things first, Ocean’s 8 is a great addition to the “Ocean’s” collection. However, this one has an all-powerful female cast. A star-studded cast, this film is one of the best in the collection in my opinion. It takes a break from the Clooney and Pitt brigade, although they are great, it was refreshing to learn more of Debbie Ocean and her entertaining team. Therefore for me, I really enjoyed the plot and the cast allowed the narrative to stay fast-paced, exhilarating, and fun. It was also refreshing to see women being celebrated in deviance and “smart” heists. The female cast comes together to make a fun heist that combines fashion, revenge, and humor.

The only complaint I have for this film; the heist seems to go too well. Not a singular hiccup. I think this film would’ve benefitted from a tense slip-up. Ultimately, the girls use their skills to avoid such mistakes from happening, but it would’ve added another dimension to watch them recover from a mistake. In addition to this, we do not learn what the main character does with her life after the heist. Some parts are missing in this plot. Evidently, this is disappointing.

An interesting film that actually gets you cheering for the criminals! One that’s an easy watch, a bit cheesy at times but well worth it for a night in with the popcorn.


To conclude, if you’re looking for a film that embodies female empowerment in an action-packed, fun but witty way, Ocean’s 8 is the one for you. Overall, a great watch.


Target Audience: 12
Content:  Language, sex references, and drug misuse
Recommendation?: Yes

Overall Rating: 7.5/10 – Good

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