Movie Review: Ted 2 (MacFarlane, 2015)

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Movie: Ted 2
Production Companies: MRC, Fuzzy Door Productions, Bluegrass Films
Director: Seth MacFarlane

Producers: Scott Stuber, Seth MacFarlane, Jason Clark, John Jacobs

Scriptwriters: Seth MacFarlane, Alec Sulkin, Wellesley Wild

Main Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Seth MacFarlane, Amanda Seyfried, Giovanni Ribisi, John Slattery, Jessica Barth, Morgan Freeman

Release Date: June 26th 2015 (US)

Running Time: 115 minutes


Well, anyone watching the new Ted prequel series that’s just started airing? Because that’s about the most tenuous link to why I’ve decided to review the interesting film that is Ted 2. In what will become apparent during the analysis, this is mostly just a longer later era Family Guy film with plenty of pointless pop culture references and jokes which outstay their welcome very quickly, However, it does have the comedic chemistry of Wahlberg and MacFarlane carrying it. Oh and Morgan Freeman. Like me I know you can bear-ly wait so here’s my review of the film.


Ted 2 follows the titular talking, foulmouthed teddy bear, Ted (MacFarlane), as he attempts to adjust to married life with his partner Tami-Lynn (Barth). However, Ted once again finds himself in trouble when the US Government doesn’t recognise him as a person so naturally he can’t adopt or have a child. Ted teams up with his dearest friend, John (Wahlberg) and their lawyer Samantha Jackson (Seyfried) to prove he has the right to be a father and a husband. Oh, and Morgan Freeman’s also there… Anyway, let’s get into the analysis of this film.


The Humour in Ted 2

As I hinted at in the introduction, your love of Ted 2 will really depend on two key factors: the humour and the delivery of said humour. So, in regards to the former point it is a bit like a longer new era Family Guy episode in that it relies heavily on pop culture knowledge for so many of its jokes. Take for example the scene where Ted and John are astonished that Sam hasn’t watched or heard of Rocky. While it’s admittedly funny initially, the joke wears thin fast as both Sam and the audience start looking blankly at Ted singing the Rocky theme song.

Another example of the humour backfiring is when it tries to have Ted acting like a human. Just look at the scene where he shoots the gun and goes flying back. Again, the over reliance on jokes like that can only get the film so far as the funniest parts are often either from individual performances or the deleted and cut scenes. Just look at Mark Wahlberg naming 100 movie surnames which is both hilarious and impressive in equal measure.

The Delivery of the Humour in Ted 2

On the topic of Wahlberg’s performance, that brings me nicely onto the latter point about the delivery of Ted 2’s humour. And again, there’s moments of promise but often it just falls into the category of Family Guy humour. Basically, it’s marmite humour. Just look at the scene where John and Ted meet their lawyer, Samantha L Jackson. And yes, the only joke is that she basically has the same name as Samuel L Jackson but has no idea who he is.

Again, initially it’s a bit of a funny joke but just like most things (excluding the Orville and American Dad) it gets old much quicker than you’d expect. So, while the delivery of the jokes is often fine enough, it can soon feel like MacFarlane is doing everything short of holding up a massive sign to the audience saying LAUGH. Although props to Giovanni Ribisi for delivering that Sweet Caroline… bom, bom, bom joke because even in writing I can bear-ly control myself.


To summarise Ted 2, this is an average enough sequel when considering the popularity of Ted, and the renewed star powered cast. However amongst the slew of garbage, there are some bright sparks in the forms of occasionally funny jokes and of course Morgan Freeman because by God he can pull good vibes out of just about anything…

Overall Rating: 5/10 – Average

Target Audience: 15+

Content Warning: Moderate Sex and Nudity, Mild Violence and Gore, Severe Profanity, Severe Alcohol, Drugs and Smoking, Mild Frightening and Intense Scenes.

Recommendation: No