The Sea Beast (Williams, 2022) – Movie Review

The Sea Best Details

Distributor: Netflix
Production Companies: Netflix Animation  
Director: Chris Williams
Producers: Jed Schlanger, & Chris Williams

Scriptwriters: Chris Williams
Main Cast: Karl Urban, Zaris-Angel Hator, Jared Harris, & Marianne Jean-Baptiste

Released: 8th July 2022

Running Time:  119 Minutes
Certificate: PG

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Story of the Sea Beast

The story of the Sea Beast follows the crew of the inevitable. A hunting ship crewed by the most acclaimed and hardy hunters, employed by the Crown. The ship is captained by Captain James Crow although he is grooming Jacob to soon takeover. Yet Jacob’s whole world view is put into question by the actions of a little orphan, pirate Maisie Brumble.  She has the smarts to question the findings in her book when Jacob (Profound Hunter) haven’t even heard of certain settlements existing. This is then reinforced when fighting a sea beast Jacob and the girl end up in the water, yet the ominous monster leaves them be. They are then eaten by the monster and taken to an island filled with all sorts of creatures.

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The Conspiracy of The Sea Beast

When Maisie ends up bonding with another baby beast called Blue, she proposes not all monsters are bad, this is the proof. Although Jacob takes more convincing. Although Red saving Jacob from a giant purple crab helped him realize Maisie is right. Maisie ingeniously discovers that it’s the Crown publishing this misinformation about the beasts. It is them who started this war  between man and beast. Beasts just retaliated after man went hunting after them. This revelation all leads to a very climatic showdown in front of the King and Queen. Luckily the crew of the inevitable end up assisting Jacob, Red, and Blank. Saving Red and enlightening the people to the truth behind all the lies.

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Analysis of The Sea Beast

The voice cast perform superbly the stars of the show being Karl Urban and Zaris-Angel Hator. I really loved Urban’s portrayal of a hunter and it’s kind of made me want him to voice Edward Kenway if Black Flag ever gets an animated film or a sequel. The animation is extremely well edited and animated. The beats are full of emotion, and little movements that really bring them to life. Blue was my favorite beast in terms of animation. I loved how he was a mix of a slug, angler fish, and a dog. Its behavior was extremely funny keeping me entertained while wishing for more of the cutie. The world building of Sea Beast does make me hope for a sequel. I would love for this to become a series, sort of How to Train Your Dragon crossed with Pirates of the Caribbean.

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Summary of The Sea Beast

The design of the beasts, the ships, the world are astonishing the creative department really deserve praise. I loved how much attitude and emotion they managed to relay through every character and every scene/location. The soundtrack perfectly accompanied the movie throughout. I really chuckled at Blue’s sound effects more than once. The animation studio and the creative team really went all out for The Sea Beast. The world was set up as being intriguing from the start alluring viewers into the world of the Sea Beast. The film also had an impressive amount of diversity with the cast, with the main 4 hunters the was a nice balance, 2 men, 2 woman, 2 white, 2 black.

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Sequel of The Sea Beast

 Although it would have been nice to see some more Asian representation as they were only very minor characters. I do realize its set in Pirate Europe which only had so many nationalities at that point interacting in Europe. Which would explain why we only saw two Lea the lookout and the surgeon. Yet maybe an idea for a sequel, either way you have to watch The Sea Beast!

Overall Rating: 10/10 – Perfect!

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