The Transformers movies ranked

Image Source: BBC

The Transformers movies ranked from worst to best 

It’s no secret that Transformers has had it rough in the movie industry, from controversial decisions in the 80s to the generic Michael Bay fringe fest the franchise has had it rough in the movie industry. Nevertheless the characters have come out with some gems and with the release of Rise of the Beast, I want to rank the best and worst of the franchise.

The Last Knight (2017)

This movie is beyond saving, no excuses for the quality of this movie with awful jokes, laughable set pieces and a plot so bombastic that even the film can’t keep track of it. Not to mention an underwhelming action scene at the end and my God the dialogue is some of the worst in cinema history. You know a film is doomed when Sir Anthony Hopkins can’t even save.

Age of Extinction (2014)

I was able to get some enjoyment from this one, it was so stupid in areas which made me laugh out loud at the decisions made but I found the new range of autobots decent even if they are too aggressive in some areas. Though the villain Lockdown is okay in being a threat and I enjoyed the action set pieces for all it’s worth as dumb fun though from a story standpoint it betrays the whole idea of Optimus but fails to fully make his darker turn mean anything.

Revenge of the Fallen (2009)

I place this above the previous two entries simply due to it’s action and score being far superior. Though still cringey and awkwardly paced at least this installment is redeemed in areas with a great forest fight, the introduction lf the niche character, The Fallen and has some genuinely great choreography. Unfortunately the characters and pacing let’s the film down significantly in the story compartment though it absolutely delivers in spectical, having the best fight scene in the whole bay saga

Rise of the Beast

Rise of the Beast serves as a half reboot prequel hybrid and just kind of exists in this limbo of confusion. It has some stella designs, decent characters and a good score but fails as a script. Rise of the Beast feels like it should be 3 films, a beart wars movie, a sequel to bumblebee and a Unicron movie all in once and unfortunately doesn’t have the time to balance these ideas in a decent way. It’s a shame because all these ideas have potential but don’t get the time they need ehich is a shame because bumblebee took so many steps in a better direction

Dark of the Moon (2011)

The most Michael Bay of them all, dark of the Moon’s final act is basically a firework display with giant robots fighting. So much is going on which is hard to keep track off with the same awkward characters taking up the film but at least this one focuses on more action and genuine shocking momentsin the character of sentinel prime who steals the show. His presents elevates the scripts an takes it into new areas never seen.

Transformers (2007)

Transformers is still to this day an absoulte marvel to look at, the robots are so detailed and real looking that it’s hard to think it came out over 20 years ago. The pacing is reallt good and while the Bay designs are mixed, especially the greys of my favourite factions the Decepticons given how they are usually the highlights in other media. I just never cared too much or the human characters though here they are fairly engaging with arcs that actually matter, overall I still appreciate this movie and can enjoy it despite its flaws with the spectical and aru ofcbeing 7 always eashing over me with each rewatch.

Bumblebee (2018)

I love this movie, the designs are absolutely spot on from the 80s, the setting creates a great atmosphere and works for the plot and of course every character is memorable. Charlie is one of my favourite protagonists in movies, the friendships and enemies work extremely well, the themes and plot are great and the cybertron parts are visually treated. I can’t do this movie justice, I love it and can’t wait for the franchises new direction thanks to this movie.

The Transformers The Movie (1986)

Bumblebee is technically the better film however my nostalgia and the importance of this film takes center stage. This movie is so great, so messy and so cheesy all at once while being one of the scaring films for a child of the era that it is honestly a one of a kind movie. Great visuals, violence, action, soundtrack, space battles and stables which can still be felt through the franchise today.