Top 5 Films On Netflix That Aren’t Trending

Rinsed all of the Box Sets? Sick to the back teeth of Disney+ already? Think you’ve watched every decent film on Netfilx? Then keep reading, I’m going to share some of my favourite top 5 films to watch on Netflix that aren’t necessarily trending yet and I think are worthy of a watch, or even a rewatch in some cases!

The Post

Academy Award winning director Steven Spielberg helms a powerhouse cast including Oscar winners Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks in THE POST. A thrilling depiction of a battle for freedom of speech with ramifications that echo through history and continue to this day. This film is so relevant in today’s current climate with Trump’s ‘fake news’ and incessant flouting of power. It hits home that we should be able to hold governments to account and that they should never be against the law, no matter what the circumstances. As expected, Speilberg’s direction in this film is second to none, paired with a stellar cast and a strong plot, it really is a must see. The subjects of this film are serious and the film deals with the issues in a serious manner. It’s quick paced so concentration is needed but the payoff is worth it. Engrossing and gripping, definitely worth a watch.

Coming to America

Coming To America is from a time when Eddie Murphy was riding high on the success of Beverly Hills Cop. Now, it’s not as witty as Beverly Hills Cop and it definitely doesn’t have as much structure but it is full of silly, slap in the face humour and it’s funny to the point of stupid. It’s an Eddie Murphy classic with some good, quotable lines. It does feel fairly ‘safe’ and it’s hardly an original script. However, it’s a fun return to a time where those slightly racist and sexist quips may have been more acceptable than nowadays and yet putting that aside, it’s a laid back film which is easy to watch with guaranteed belly laughs. And one to definitely cross off the list. Just not with the kids.

The Irishman

Ignore the reviews that moan about the length of this film. Yes, it’s a long one, yes it will take up most of your day/night but commit, empty the diary and get onboard. Arm yourself with snacks, get toilet breaks scheduled in and you’re good to go. This is Scorsese’s latest work and one not to miss. I’m not going to give you a scene by scene synopsis, we aren’t IMDB here. But to briefly set the scene, It starts with an old hitman remissancing and covers insight into the Mafia and Washington’s history, Castro’s rise in Cuba, JFK’s assassination, the CIA and mob wars. It’s fast paced, has nods of humour and although it’s no Goodfellas it’s definitely worth the 3 hour watch time.


The #metoo movement has been pretty shocking to witness. This film is all about Bikhram Choudhury and his rise to the top of the yoga world with Bikram yoga. It’s Shocking, unbelievable and downright astounding. As a massive fan of yoga, Bikram especially, this was close to home and difficult to watch. But even if you’re not a yoga fan, this is a startling watch. To discover how one person, who when the documentary starts would seem a little eccentric, following his journey through the growth of Bikram yoga to him believing his own hype and teaching classes in nothing but speedos and a Rolex, to the allegations of sexual assault and rape. It truly is a powerful docu-film.

Bad Boys

Whether you’ve never seen this classic (where have you been?), or if you can quote it pretty much word for word (Yo, you’re on the Mic with Mike!), this is a must-see for a lazy evening. A film with two such strong personalities in Smith and Lawrence had so much of a chance of being a flop as they battled each other for the spotlight on set, but that’s not how it went down here.
The on-screen banter and sibling-like rivalry of these Cop partners sells their back story from pretty much the first frame and continues through to the credit screen. Add in a healthy mix of cool car chases, unreal bad guys, the mid-90s cliché of walking away from explosions without flinching and a killer soundtrack, and you’ve got a recipe for one of the best pieces of escapism you could stream right now.
Bad Boys? What’cha Gonna Do!?

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