The Script Greatest Hits Tour Review – M&S Bank Arena, Liverpool

The Script
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Show: The Script Greatest Hits Tour
Date: 19 May 2022
Format: Concert
Genre: Rock Pop
Performers: Danny O’Donoghue, Mark Sheehan, Glen Power
Location: M&S Bank Arena, Liverpool
Duration: 90 Mins + support
Age Rating: Under 14’s must be accompanied by an adult

Once again, humility and sincerity projects as loud as their music at The Script‘s third night of their Greatest Hits Tour in Liverpool’s M&S Bank Arena. Genuine love and appreciation for their fans defines this band and paired with first-class musicianship and high-energy performance, seeing The Script live is fuel for the soul.

Support Act – Ella Henderson

Before I get into what you can expect from The Script’s Greatest Hits tour I must give due credit to their fantastic support Ella Henderson. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Ella as supports in general are not always welcomed with the widest of open arms, but this girl BROUGHT IT. And the crowd adored her. Her voice was amazing live! Opening with Risk It All through a purple hue, the beat bounced through your chest almost forcing energy from within! It was a party of a set including her dance hits Crazy What Love Can Do, This Is Real, Glitterball and Lighter. Ella’s song Let’s Go Home Together (recorded with Tom Grennan) was really sweet as she invited her drummer from behind the kit to sing Tom’s part up front with her! He had a gorgeous voice and after his first line the crowd gave him a huge cheer. Of course she couldn’t leave before belting out her very first single Ghost. In parts of her set the arena was up on their feet dancing and the echoes of her lyrics rang out – definitely the best support I’ve seen!

The Script

Liverpool adopted the three Dublin boys last night and frontman Danny O’Donogue reciprocated the heartfelt response asking “Why does Liverpool always feel like we’re playing at home?” then later adding that the city holds a special place in their hearts. From the moment the band stepped onto the stage the warmest welcome radiated from the audience and you knew it was going to be a great night. The love was mutual. A multicoloured galactic visual with a recorded message about experiencing life rather than being a critic from afar set the darkened arena with anticipation. Now each night of their Greatest Hits tour they open with a different song to “celebrate” and Liverpool was given Superheroes. Possibly one of their most widely played tracks, it was a powerhouse opener in terms of energy and punch with a puff of confetti bursting into the standing pit as the whole arena was brought to light and life! Quite literally opening with a bang! The song itself is not actually one of my personal favourites compared to their more (in search for a better word) melodic tunes, but that being said it was the perfect celebration of live music and the lyrics representing fighting through tough situations and coming out stronger the other side – “a superhero learns to fly” – were poignant and powerful.

It is difficult to explain such an atmosphere through the mere stringing of words; part of me wants to say “you just had to be there” but I hope I can do better than that. Let’s start with the visual: hazey, with vibrant coloured beams of light piercing through the light fog, changing and moving with the tone of each song. The engineering of the different screens played a role in the modern, warm rock aesthetic. They had big wide screens along the back of the stage as well as angled box screens at either side which gave a gorgeous close-up view of the individual band members.

The Script Greatest Hits Tour Memorable Moments

A bright pink bra was flung on stage within the first ten minutes. It was a brilliantly classic but unexpected moment and Danny made sure his other two band members got up-close and personal with it. At one point drummer Glen Power had it hanging off his drumstick… it’s the little things you notice in amongst the amazement of a huge performance that you remember with a giggle.

Another quite astounding moment for very different reason, which seems to be characteristic of their shows after reviewing them back in early 2020 (sublime timing), was when the band emerged into a lower tier block and set up camp literally in amongst the fans. Not only is this rather brave, but is also symbolic of their genuine, humble attitude. It portrayed being on the same level as their fans. If this gesture could speak it would say “We are one of you, not above you”. Although people further away on the same side couldn’t see them within the block, none of this mattered as all around were moved faces and emotional “ahh”s in awe of such an exceptionally generous, selfless moment. The screens served us well and just being in this harmonious atmosphere was something else.

More Memorable Moments

There was a beautiful moment where the band noticed a woman on facetime crying to one of their most emotional songs, “If You Could See Me Now”, about the loss of people closest to them. Danny took the phone and spoke to her, asked what her name was and told her he loved her. Their kindess through going out of their way to connect personally with fans, making someone’s week, year, life, is incredible.

They played a personal favourite “Nothing” in this block set but not without phoning a girl’s ex-boyfriend to have him listen to the emotional lyrics (“I got nothing”) -as if they needed to closely engage with their fans any further. Danny joked that a young boy “has had my bum in his face” the whole time so he gave him the job of playing the final note of a lovely rendition of one of their sweetest songs Never Seen Anything (“Quite Like You”). He even started the song again to have tape stuck on the key after (I assume) realising for the boy to keep sight of which note to play would be tricky. Again, it’s the little things.

The Script Greatest Hits Tour – Highlights

The Man Who Can’t Be Moved on their B-stage was a stunning stripped back performance with The Script inviting the crowd to sing the first verse a capella with them. The whole essense of this concert was to make the most of each and every moment we are blessed with. This was not only said but actualised in them creating so many magical, moving moments that will stay with us a lifetime. I have hardly given their musical talent a mention because at this point it goes without saying. They are true professionals and every song was stunning. A personal favourite, one of their most gorgeous, reflective but addictively rhythic tracks, Before The Worst was also performed on the B-stage. Pretty much every one of their most famous songs were performed and we dance, bounced and sung out with all our warmed hearts.

They almost left us without two of their most-loved songs and left an arena full of fans singing their lyrics with increasing “oomph” in hopes they would return! Of course, they blessed us with Where’s The Good in Goodbye, Breakeven and Hall of Fame before their sad farewell.

The Script Greatest Hits Tour – Summary

Words just don’t do these three talented Irishmen justice – their songwriting, performing, gratitude and kindess is a thing of beauty. If you are able to, you must experience The Script’s Greatest Hits Tour. But people of Liverpool, don’t fret too much if you missed it… they’ve promised to return soon!


Target Audience: All age fans of The Script
Content: Occasional Strong Language
Recommendation?: Yes