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Album No. 8
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So, Katie Melua has released a new acoustic rework of her acclaimed 2020 release Album No.8. Consisting of 11 tracks this stripped back take on her previous work really showcases her feelings and voice in their most vulnerable and pure state. Produced by Zurab Melua, her brother, and collaborating on two of the songs with double Grammy award- winning violinist Simon Goff, this beautiful medley of songs takes us through love and heartbreak and to reconnect with herself, her music and her fans.

Acoustic Album No. 8 – Katie Melua

Themes And Genre

Katie explores many themes throughout the album such as love, loss and rediscovering herself. Acoustic Album No.8 takes you on a journey to discovering new and old emotions about old lovers, while guiding you down a lane of her memories. Joy, the first track of the album is the perfect way to introduce us, the audience, to what we are about to listen to.

The simple acoustic guitar accompanying every note she sings allows us to take a step back from the chaos surrounding not only the world but her personal life. Taking back power from these public narratives and providing all her energy into her music and fans. Which beautifully and successfully positions us to be told a story of love and loss as if she is talking to us face to face. Zurab explains how “the aim was to have a recording that sounded like a live intimate concert”.


The album alternates between a variety of genres from more folk style songs to ballads. However, her first single off the Acoustic Album No.8 is like no other song on the track. Her angelic voice and guitar skills on Remind Me To Forget are the perfect mix to Simon’s accompanying violin throughout the track. Simon Goff is also a feature on Maybe I Dreamt It, the violin along with the echoing aspect of Katies really showcasing the concept of the album that losing love can be hard to comes to terms with.

Nature has a big significance throughout the album appearing as metaphors for love and heartbreak like in Leaving the Mountain. But also, this idea of reconnecting with the world in a life where she is now alone is just another example of the beautiful progression of these themes going like the progression of the seasons just adds another layer of pureness to this already intimate album.

Personal Touch

Katie Melua’s heart and soul went into this album, which is very apparent to see. And the original Album No.8 was her most personal record she has produced. The album has allowed Katie to take back the public narrative about her divorce from James Toesland. This allows Melua to control her side of the story. And the acoustic version has challenged her creative depths and vulnerability to the max. She strips it all down so we can paint a picture just from her voice.

Katie was joined by her brother Zurab. He was the producer of the album, since the album was released during Covid-19. Katie has praised her brother, saying “Zurab has a brilliant mind. And we were able to do everything, apart from mastering, at home, which is in a beautiful part of London. I think the tranquility and the green park around the area is part of the atmosphere on the record.”

Summary Of Acoustic Album No. 8 – Katie Melua

Katie Melua has shown a great deal of bravery with Acoustic Album No.8. She guides us through her emotions with her words. But she also strips back of the music. This leaves me with the feeling of sadness. Yet it also offers a great appreciation that she allowed us to join her on this journey. The collaboration with Simon Goff and Zurab producing the record really creates a beautiful and passionate space. She can have pride in knowing she produced something stunning with the people she has a lot of love for. So, this album will not let you down. Especially if you want to experience a whirlwind of emotions leaving your own heart full of love.

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