Closer Song Review – Saweetie feat. H.E.R.

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This is our music review of the brand new song Closer. So, let’s take a look at Closer right now!


Description Of Closer

California-born rapper Saweetie has been making music since 2018. And her rise to stardom seems to be accelerating by the day. Last year’s single “Best Friend,” a collaboration with Doja Cat, has a Grammy Award nomination for the best rap song. And Saweetie received a nomination for the best new artist. With over 3.7 billion career streams to date, she has released her new single at the peak of her popularity so far.

Closer is a collaboration featuring Grammy and Oscar-winning R&B singer-songwriter H.E.R. The single follows the same blueprint of her previous singles. Short in length and packed with charming eight-bar hooks for clubs to belt out. Production-wise, this is a different approach to what we expect to hear from Saweetie. The groovy guitar licks and funky baseline ooze with the seventies disco nostalgia, while the trap beat adds a modern twist.

Analysis Of Closer

Despite following alternative influences though, it would be flattering to call the single a bold move in Saweetie’s discography. Closer is not a bad song by any means, it is however extremely predictable and bland. Everything about the track is just fine. The falsetto chorus is trying to be seductive in its smooth soulful softness, but H.E.R.’s delivery lacks any real effort to convey emotion. She sounds very uninterested. The singer speaks of the ‘freak in me I wanna show ye’ while sounding painfully innocent and pure. It’s unoffensive by all means but lacks any flair or passion to make ‘Closer’ the sexually adventurous anthem that it thinks it is.

Saweetie’s versus equally fall flat. Her opening line “I wanna fall in love for the weekend, three boyfriends, I don’t know where I’m sleepin’,” set the tone for a playful femme fatale demeanour, reminiscent of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion on 2020’s WAP. The lack of conviction and energy from the rapper though pale in comparison to the footsteps she is clearly following.

Summary Of Closer

So, Closer is cookie-cutter radio music that will rotate in a handful of playlists for a couple of months. Once the dust has settled, even the most die-hard fans will struggle to remember it. However, this could be another hit for Saweetie to boost her profile for the upcoming album. Without a bolder direction though, I fail the see the record being any more than a throwaway pop product of its time. It will forever be stuck in 2022.

Overall Rating: 5/10 – Average

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