Complete Mess Song Review – 5 Seconds Of Summer

5 Seconds Of Summer Complete Mess
Image Source: Spotify

This is our review of Australian rock band 5 Seconds of Summer’s latest single, Complete Mess. The song was released on March 3 2022. This marks the first song completely written by band members Calum Hood, Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford and Ashton Irwin. It is also the first song to be solo produced by guitarist Michael Clifford. This is the lead single from their upcoming fifth studio album. So, let’s take a look at Complete Mess! 

Complete Mess


Complete Mess is a three-and-a-half minute love anthem with an otherworldly yet nostalgic feel. The reverb electric guitar and pop drums make for a mid 2000s feel. Hemmings’ angelic vocals describe a chaotic love-hate relationship. The slow tempo and echoed vocals add to the overall feeling of dreaminess. The music video for Complete Mess further depicts this wistfulness, depicting the band members in a dream-like state. 

This song will make for an excellent live performance as the chorus builds to an anthem-like repetition: “You make me complete/You make me complete/You make me a complete mess”. 

Complete Mess has been an incredibly successful release for 5 Seconds of Summer. It has amassed over 2 million streams on Spotify alone after only three days of release. 


5 Seconds of Summer have taken inspiration from mid 2000s bands such as Coldplay and Take That with Complete Mess. The song has an undeniable nostalgic element, even down to the single cover art. The song may be reminiscent of an old relationship, therefore the band felt a retro aesthetic would be best fitting. 

Complete Mess sounds incredibly different from 5 Seconds of Summer’s previous singles and shows how the band continue to grow their musical direction. The band started out as a Blink-182 inspired pop-punk boyband. Singles such as She Looks So Perfect and Don’t Stop were a staple of many teenage girls formative years. As the band progressed into young adulthood, they matured their sound, with their 2018 single Youngblood being a massive success.

This showed their progress into a more adult-oriented indie rock band. Their 2020 release CALM showed the band explore their more experimental style. Songs such as Red Desert sounding reminiscent of the harmonies of bands like Queen.

Complete Mess further shows 5 Seconds of Summer’s development with a more polished and grown-up sound than their previous teen pop sound. Complete Mess was written and produced by only the band members, showing their dedication to their art and their progress as young musicians and songwriters. 


Complete Mess marks a fresh, new sound for 5 Seconds of Summer. They manage to capture the indie sound of mid 2000s pop and marry it with a modern new wave of pop music. It will be exciting to see 5 Seconds of Summer debut this song live on their upcoming UK tour. Complete Mess is an overwhelmingly inspiring anthem and it will be amazing to hear crowds of people chanting the lyrics. The song shows the musical growth and maturity of 5 Seconds of Summer as they make their way in the industry as refined songwriters. We can only hope the rest of their upcoming studio album will be as magnetic as Complete Mess! 

Overall Rating: 9.5/10 – Classic