Disco Living Song Review – Bull

Image Source: Total Ntertainment


Though they may not be on everyone’s radar at the moment, York-based alternative-rock four piece Bull recently celebrated signing a record deal with EMI Records (in association with Young Thugs, a record label and studio that works with artists from York and the North of England) – making them the first in the city to sign a major record deal since Shed Seven in the 1990s.

After listening to their latest single Disco Living (their second after Green, which I would also encourage people to listen to), it’s not hard to see why.

Much like their first single, Disco Living is an infectious, high energy song. It’s fun, with lyrics which are bound to get in your head and it feels like a song that you have to play at a loud volume (apologies neighbours!).

Inspired by the band’s time living in London, the song pokes fun at high end life and luxury, the opening line ‘Discover effortless living’ lifted from the tagline on the front of an incomplete mansion the band walked past one day.

Disco Living begins with an upbeat guitar and builds into a fun, steady song – a song which would fit nicely in the soundtrack for a mid 90’s American teen movie. The lyrics are simple, catchy with just a hint of humour – something which is also present on the band’s social media (look them up if you need a laugh).

The band, which consists of singer Tom Beer, lead guitarist Dan Lucas, drummer Tom Gabbatiss and bassist Kai West, are influenced by various bands from the ’80s and ’90s (Pixies and Yo La Tengo being two examples) – an influence which is apparent through the simple lyrics and exciting combination of upbeat guitar music at the start and the captivating bass towards the end.

Another thing I liked about Disco Living is the music video. Anyone who knows me knows I love a good music video (and won’t hesitate to turn off a bad one!) and this one definitely captures the fun of the song, with giant dancing inflatables and the band themselves making an appearance. It isn’t an over-the-top music video and it’s unlikely to inspire a dance craze on TikTok (although this year has proven anything is possible!) but – much like the song – it is simple, a bit of fun, and certain to put a smile on your face (search it right now, and I’m sure you’ll agree).

Though their influences are clear, Bull‘s look and sound feels brand new – an upbeat antidote to the confusing (and often trying) times we’re experiencing at the moment.

Whilst the future of concerts and the fate of music venues around the country is uncertain, one thing I’m sure about is that I’ll be keeping an eye on this band. Disco Living feels like what we needed, some fun against the seriousness, and I can’t wait to hear what they release next.