I Slept On The Floor Album Review – Another Sky

Image Source: Missing Piece Group

Another Sky

London band Another Sky have cut through the gloom of recent months with I Slept on The Floor, a twelve-track album with an array of songs, from the high-energy The Cracks to the captivating final song Only Rain. The album is a powerful mix of the personal and the political, at once vulnerable but not afraid to speak for itself. The music and vocals has a way of captivating you from the first track, making it impossible to ignore (and even more impossible to skip) each one. Though the fate of the music scene as we knew it is in question, Another Sky have managed to create a debut album that is just as powerful in the sitting room as it would be in the stadium.

After spending their early days in anonymity (the band performed their first show in 2017 surrounded by darkness and shadow- which automatically made fans question just who was behind that voice), Another Sky have since gone on to play Glastonbury, several U.K. festivals and various festivals around the world – all before releasing their debut album, in the midst of a pandemic no less. The so-called mask that the band put on themselves has truly been removed as the haunting nature, and the beauty, of this album deserves to be noticed.

The band formed in 2018 during their time at Goldsmiths University, and compromises of singer Catrin Vincent,  drummer Max Doohan, bassist Naomi Le Dune and guitarist Jack Gilbert – this time at university, and front woman Catrin’s move from a right-wing town to London, being the inspiration for tracks on this album. Whilst it’s hard not to be captivated by Catrin’s haunting vocals, the powerful guitar and drum beats weaved into each track reflect how their music is a collaborative effort.

Much like other reviewers of this album, what immediately struck me was Catrin’s voice. Captivating, haunting, almost siren-esque, she has a way of immediately gripping your attention and – in doing so – allowing you to see her most vulnerable side, particularly present in the chorus of Let Us Be Broken when she sings “Let us be broken, let us be open/Let us name the cage, grow a garden in its place.” 

The album’s opener How Long gets the album off to an excellent start, beginning with a soft instrumental then launching into an intoxicating combination of haunting vocals and steady guitar and drums – reflecting how the album is as much about the band as it was about Catrin’s struggles fitting in in a new environment. Catrin’s voice takes centre stage in tracks Brave Face and The Cracks, whilst Life Was Coming In Through The Blinds features quiet beats in its introduction before the crashing drums take hold. The final song Only Rain is a perfect end to the album, as impactful as the songs before it, a concluding chapter that has you holding your breath, bracing yourself for what the band will do next.

The track that was my personal favourite was Avalanche, a song that tackles police brutality, racism, nationalism and the #MeToo movement – themes that have found themselves in the news for years, though more so recently. The song is incredibly powerful, with lyrics such as “When you hold them to account they’ll spit you out, just a bad taste in their mouth”, it forces you to really think about what is going in the world.

Whilst it may have been recorded prior to the Coronavirus outbreak, and the halting of the music scene as we knew it, I Slept on The Floor speaks to current situations, not only focusing on the band’s personal struggles but wider struggles humanity as a whole have gone through – with the environment, with how people treat each other and with finding our voices and our selves in an ever changing world. I couldn’t help but feel like this album was a release of breath we’ve all been holding for years.

Though the album cover still has a degree of secrecy about the band and their identities, with I Slept on The Floor, they have emerged from the shadows. Reminiscent of bands such as Wolf Alice and London Grammar, the album is a beautiful blend of an unforgettable voice and high impact music. The band has truly grabbed my attention and I personally can’t wait for what they have planned next.