Irish Annie’s Review – Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

Irish Annie's
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This is our review for Irish Annie‘s at Liverpool‘s Epstein Theatre. So, let’s take a look at Irish Annie’s!

Irish Annie’s

Description Of Irish Annie’s

Come and join in all of the fun at Annie’s Irish pub! So, this is an all-new musical play that celebrates the very best in Irish culture. This ranges from authentic singing to laugh-out-loud comedy. Furthermore, there’s even a bit of romance in the air too! So, meet landlady Annie and her regular madcap customers. They all come together for a fun evening of laughter and singing in your favourite friendly Irish bar.

Analysis Of Irish Annie’s

I loved this show from start to finish. So, the pub setting was true-to-life; I felt like I was sitting in a Dublin pub here. Next, there are loads of great Irish songs here. These range from Dirty Old Town, Galway Shawl and Black Velvet Band to Seven Drunken Nights, When Irish Eyes Are Smiling and The Wild Rover. A great touch was providing everyone with a booklet containing the lyrics to the main songs. This ensured that everyone could sing, dance and wave along, creating a superb atmosphere in the Epstein. Asa Murphy was great at both singing and directing the play throughout the show. Plus, The Shenanigans were here to deliver terrific music for each of these tunes.

Elsewhere, Catherine Rice was likeable, believable and hilarious as Annie, the owner of the friendly pub. She has a humorous run-in with local debt collector Moira The Money Lender (Pauline Donovan). We also have a special appearance by Billy Butler, filling in at the last minute for Ricky Tomlinson. Butler had the audience in stitches with his jokes and recaps of memories on his radio show.

Standout Moment

But perhaps the standout moment came from Noel Singen-Smithe. He played Sam Conlon, a resident who would randomly cut speeches between sleeps. We soon learn of his musical aspirations, and that leads to a spellbinding rendition of Danny Boy. Absolutely amazing. His prolonged standing ovation was richly deserved. Finally, Tell Me Ma would round off the night in great style.

Summary Of Irish Annie’s

This was an absolutely fantastic show, and it would be that way during any time of the year. But to experience this show during St. Patrick’s Day weekend made things feel extra special. The show is about to embark on a UK tour. And no matter where you live, I urge you to see this production. It’s a wonderful, feel-good show that symbolises everything that we love about Irish music.


Target Audience: Ages 40+
Content: Infrequent Mild Language
Recommendation?: Yes

Overall Rating: 10/10 – Perfect

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