Jake Bugg Review – Mountford Hall, Liverpool

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Jake Bugg

Format: Gig
Genre: Indie/Indie Rock, Folk & Blues
Performers: Jake Bugg
Review Date: March 6 2020
Performance: March 6 2020
Location: Mountford Hall, University Of Liverpool, Liverpool
Age Rating: Under 14’s Must Be Accompanied By An Adult
Duration: 200 Minutes incl. Support Act

Jake Bugg made a much-anticipated appearance at Liverpool’s Mountford Hall, and we could expect a laid-back, no-frills performance of catchy, bluesy lyrics from Jake.


Jake Bugg’s support came from ONR, who kicked off the concert with an alternative/indie sound. The audience’s interest was piqued, and ONR increased the buzz in the room with energy-laden songs such as American Gods and Love In Suburbia. Characterised by bouncy drums and punchy lyrics, his music was exciting and impossible not to dance to, though his latest single Sober gave his set a calm, somber tone easing the audience into the main event.

Before he even began his set, the high energy of the room was apparent as Be Someone (Jake Bugg’s collaboration with CamelPhat) boomed from the speakers; people were already swinging their beer around and climbing onto each other’s shoulders. His set began with Rabbit Hole, a moody new track, which gripped the attention of the audience immediately. Next, he got the multi-aged crowd jumping with Trouble Town, and his new single Kiss Like The Sun had the folk, pop and country elements that Jake has become known for since his debut album back in 2012. The gig featured a mix of new songs with Rabbit Hole and Scene and Habits and older hits with Lightning Bolt, Slumville Sunrise and the concluding song Two Fingers. The set-list was so well-received and the audience sung with the same, if not more, enthusiasm as Jake himself.

Jake spent the entirety of the gig sat down, engaging with the crowd and thanking them for coming to see him, which created an intimate atmosphere. Though he had everyone old and young jumping with hits like Two Fingers and Lightning Bolt, he also commanded the audience’s attention with slower songs like Simple as This and Song About Love. People stood with arms linked, some even on each other’s shoulders, to get the best view possible. Aside from shouting along to the classic crowd pleasers, the soulful voice and moody music rendered the crowd completely silent, completely taken by the folky, bluesy sound associated with Jake Bugg.


Jake Bugg is an undeniably talented artist, and he put on an incredible show. The audience were abuzz from the start. He kept it simple with his guitar, an accompanying band for some tracks, and a hint of colourful lighting at various points. He sung with such soul and emotion that you couldn’t help but feel each and every word. His lyrics ranged from honest and personal tales about growing up to fun and raw songs about being in love.

His music is a mix of folk, blues, indie and rock, with intense drums and guitar in some tracks and a more somber acoustic in others. These diverse styles of music are reflected in Bugg himself, who shunned showy lights or long dialogue with the crowd for simply just playing his songs and thanking everyone for taking time out of their day, and their lives, to listen to him sing. It’s no wonder he’s performed in the festival circuit over the years, as the crowd went wild for Lightning Bolt and Two Fingers, and it was amazing how he got everyone (from the balcony above to the standing area below) dancing and singing along.

There was no need for confetti or showy light displays at this gig, as the atmosphere was electric and energetic throughout, enthralled by the moody lyrics and hearty guitar music. Jake Bugg proved that simplicity really is the key.


Keeping things simple worked wonders, and this gig was definitely worth seeing. With moody lyrics and infectious melodies, Jake Bugg brought the crowd and the venue alive. It was impossible not to leave the gig with a smile on your face and his lyrics in your head!


Target Audience: Teens and Above
Content: Some Strong Language & Adult Themes
Recommendation?: Yes
Overall Rating: 7.5/10 – Good

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