Kerri Watt Presents Scottish Songwriters In The Round Live From Òran Mór Review

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Kerri Watt

Emanating from Òran Mór in Glasgow, Scotland, this special event saw Kerri Watt lead the way for a livestream to raise funds for Music Venue Trust. Joined by Will Irvine of Daytime TV and Gregor Philp of Deacon Blue, Kerri’s efforts were through a genuine love of music, as evidenced here. And while the venue remains empty, a live audience would watch on via Facebook and YouTube for this unique event.


Sitting up in the galleries of Òran Mór, the trio would take turns to perform a combination of recognisable hits and personal favourites. Broughty Ferry Sarah by Gregor began proceedings, before Kerri sang Kissing Fools, a song inspired by her fondness of American high school life. After noting he had crushed his finger in a door earlier (ouch!), Will performed Bones, with backing from Kerri and Gregor. Unsettled by Philp reflected on a spooky atmosphere in the room when he had originally written the song. Up next was Chasing Aeroplanes, Kerri’s musical take on the life balance between starting a family and pursuing a successful career.

Will’s rendition of Teenage Dirtbag was dedicated to a crew member nicknamed Wheatus (his real name is Ollie). Then, Will and Gregor teamed up for Deep Sea Diving, a track originally created by Heavy Little Elephants. Kerri’s cover of Let’s Stay Home, previously of Need To Breathe, was a tune she recorded over the summer, somewhat appropriately. After Will sang Little Victories (which he co-wrote with Gregor), Kerri sang Neptune’s Daughter, which will be the title of her debut album that releases on January 15 2021. It has a party vibe, making for an upbeat tune that I’m sure her fans will flock to as we slowly resume normality.

From there, we headed towards the end of the evening. Amidst discussion between the three about football fandom and intriguing international travels, Gregor performed The Falling, a song she had wrote alongside Jessie Buckley. After Will handled a cover of When The Party Is Over (which he described as “the hardest cover in the world to sing”, all three combined to sing Stars & Snowflakes to bring the event to a close. The festive nature of this song, which offered some important messages to ponder, made this an ideal final rendition.


The livestream was for a very worthy cause, with UK music venues urgently requiring continuous support to survive the ongoing pandemic. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before crowds get to experience performances live and in person once again. Before then, however, events like this remain a joy to behold. All three are incredibly talented performers boasting versatile vocal ranges and musical skills. Kerri herself has a relatable and friendly demeanour which ensures that you can believe ever word she sings. Will has a fun personality and a desire to express his true emotions across music. Meanwhile, Gregor’s wealth of experience and collaborations with many performers provide him with a jam-packed back catalogue. All three seemed genuinely thrilled to be together and singing in this awesome setting.

As for the show itself, there were plenty of songs that remained in my memory after the event ended. In particular, I loved Kerri’s renditions of Let’s Stay Home Tonight, which may be more relevant than ever over Christmas 2020, and also Neptune’s Daughter, which seems perfect for festivals when they finally resume. Each song has its own singular worth when listening without a live audience, so the likes of Bones and Chasing Aeroplanes truly stood out. Deep Sea Diving was also a great listen, with Watt noting that the title alone raises one’s interest. And who doesn’t love a chance to listen to an early 2000s gem in the form of Teenage Dirtbag?


I thoroughly enjoyed this event, which is available here on YouTube for those who want to check it out. Kerri Watt, Will Irvine and Gregor Philp did a tremendous job in both entertaining and fundraising during this livestream. And I can’t wait for the opportunity to see this trio collaborate again in the future, this time at a live gig.

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