Leaving The Mountain Song Review – Katie Melua

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Katie Melua

Katie Melua‘s latest single Leaving The Mountain is now available (get all the details by clicking here), and having heard the track myself, I can tell you that it’s bound to be another success for one of Britain’s most successful female musical performers.

It’s been four years since Katie’s seventh album In Winter was released to the masses, but with her next compilation offering (appropriately titled Album No. 8) set to hit physical and digital stores everywhere in October, Melua has provided teasers by releasing a number of singles from said album. A Love Like That and Airtime have already been made available, and now we have Leaving The Mountain.

This is a real treat for any longtime fans of Katie, because it combines her legendarily soft-spoken vocal style and clear dialect that makes it easy to sing along to her lyrics with a pleasant beat that is soothing to the ears just as much as it is soothing to the heart. In particular, the starting notes provide a feel-good picture in one’s mind that sets the tone for the remainder of the track.

The message behind the song, though, is somewhat bittersweet. For it celebrates the surroundings of the Caucasus mountains, an area visited by Melua and her father when she was young, and it did indeed provide a stunning, breath-taking visual that visually encapsulated what a physical landmark can look like at its most pure. However, there is also a tinge of sadness that comes across towards the end of the song because there is no guarantee that such a moment would occur in the future, from being able to view the location again to retaining the same sense of contentment that Katie exhibited within her mind during this particular visit.

It’s fascinating because it shows how these moments are to be treasured, for we cannot be truly certain that they can ever be repeated. Indeed, one could replay it in their mind hundreds of times, and perhaps even physically return to the exact spot themselves, yet there may never be a chance to have every element positively linking together to create a timeless memory in that area. Katie describes all of this superbly with her carefully-chosen lyrics and the immaculate delivery of her speech, both of work blend nicely with the calming music itself.

It goes without saying that I highly recommend Leaving The Mountain for music-lovers everywhere, and for Katie Melua’s biggest fans, this is another excellent offering from what could be her most anticipated album yet, which drops in less than two months’ time. The song will also resonate greatly with anyone who has experienced something similar in their life with regards to a moment that they try to recreate, but can never fully recapture.

Leaving The Mountain

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