Morganway – Come Over Song Review

Morganway Come Over
Image Source: YouTube

Morganway have been rising in the UK American music scene since their acclaimed debut album in 2019. They have been named the best group by both British Country Music Association (2021) and UK Country Music Spotlight (2022). Additionally, they have been compared to legendary acts like Fleetwood Mac and Led Zeppelin along the way. “Come Over is the group’s first single in almost three years, coinciding with their UK Tour which began earlier this week. Fans have been anticipating new music for a long time and finally their prayers have been answered.


The Band did not disappoint; “Come Over” is a dynamic ballad showcasing Morganway’s diverse array of musicianship. They begin with a mellow, bluesy verse and slowly build towards a thunderous chorus. An orchestral arrangement provides a complimentary contest to the band’s hard rock guitar riffs. 

Kieran Morgan gets his chance in the spotlight with a guitar solo reminiscent of David Gilmour. The gorgeous, clean tone is complimented with his sense of melody. Kieran keeps it short and simple, but hits all the right notes for the song’s standout instrumental section.

The lyrics portray a clear feeling of loneliness mixed with a delusion of inner-strength. “Beauty is the sin, we’re chasing twisted love,” belts SJ Mortimer. Her powerful vocals lead a tale of a woman trapped in a seemingly hopeless relationship. Mortimer displays an impressive range and packs emotion into every line.

Performance-wise, the whole band nailed it. It is clear however that Morganway are still wearing their influences on their sleeves. “Come Over” is very much a classic rock song and this does make the song a little too derivative. They are still a young band so it is expected that they have not quite found their signature sound as of yet. Thankfully though, the talent is clearly there for them to make the next step. 


All in all, Morganway continue to impress with their new single. “Come Over” is a layered, energetic song which will be a stand out in the band’s future live sets. Although it does derive a bit too close to past artists, the vocals and musicianship show the band is capable of reaching the same heights. 2022 is set to be a big year for the band and so far they are meeting expoectations.

Overall Rating: 7/10 – Respectable