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APRE have made a big splash in a short amount of time, and 2020 looks set to be their biggest yet, with a brand new single Your Heart’s Like A Jungle having been released last Friday. We spoke to APRE members Jules Konieczny and Charlie Brown about their latest hit, their time together so far, their upcoming tour (which includes a visit to Liverpool’s Phase One), and what they hope to achieve in the years to come.

First of all, tell us about your new single Your Heart’s Like A Jungle which was just released last week.

Jules Konieczny: “That song has been around for around a year and a half in many different versions. To be honest, I only really began to like it around a month ago. It’s just a love song, really. It’s about someone who was annoying in my life, and I felt that I needed to write that down. We wrote it in about an hour, and I didn’t think it would be anything. But we played it to the record label around a year later and they seemed quite taken by it. It went through a few different versions, and now it has been released.”

How has the feedback been so far to the new track?

Jules: “We’ve had our best feedback yet to this song. We got some nice press, the radio plays have been amazing too, and since Friday, it has already received good download numbers on Apple Music.

Charlie Brown: “It’s been the best yet. It’s been really nice how many cool, positive messages we’ve received on Instagram about the song.”

Who were your main musical influences growing up?

Jules:(To Charlie) Growing up, you were into Led Zeppelin and The Beatles, right?”

Charlie: “Yeah, I was a drummer before I became a singer, so I was really into the likes of John Bonham, as well as Led Zeppelin up until I was 15. Then I discovered the mid-2000’s indie scene, and then I got into Coldplay’s later work, plus earlier acts like Tears For Fears and Peter Gabriel. Jules also liked the mid-2000’s indie stuff, so we have that as a shared interest.”

What led to the formation of the band in 2018?

Jules: “We actually met two years prior, as we had been playing in lots of other different bands while we wrote these songs. These tunes were just written for fun while we had spare time, and then about a year and a half ago, we were like ‘we’ve got about 20-30 songs just sitting here, why are we not doing anything with them?’ We spent a lot of time working with other bands and musicians, so we didn’t write any at first, but after a year of doing that, we got a bit frustrated and thought that we’d just have a go and keep writing. We had written some songs before, but never as a serious thing. We would write songs in three hours as they just kept coming to us. Eventually, we had written 30-40 songs, and it felt stupid to have all that material but to do not anything with it, plus the bands that we were in weren’t really going anywhere. So we thought ‘f–k it’. Interest picked up really quickly: we went from not even having an Instagram account in January to being signed by July.”

I understand that there is a special meaning to Ealing Chess Club, which inspired the name of your record label Beach 91?

Charlie: “We met there because I went to the club regularly as a big chess fan, and then Jules joined too. The owner of the club was just a legend, and she paired us up because she knew we both liked music. We were chatting, and then he came in one day and said he was a bit hard for cash, so I said that my gran needed her lawn mowing, and my recording studio was in my gran’s front room. So he came round to the house to mow her lawn, and after he’d finished mowing, he would come in (laughs) and we’d have a little chat and have a little go with playing music. Something naturally clicked and we just kept meeting each other.”

Jules: “We don’t go into the club often nowadays, but we do still play chess on tour!”

Charlie: “If we didn’t like chess, we wouldn’t be here now (laughs)!”

The band have now released ten singles, including the aforementioned new track dropped last week. Which of your other tracks stand out the most from a personal point of view?

Charlie: “I like Gap Year 2008; that stands out for me. That’s about a time in my life which I found pretty irritating, and I thought it was good to be able to vent about it in a song, so I was quite happy with that. My favourite is a very niche track called You And Me, which was written about a certain time and a certain person that resonates with me.”

What are the future ambitions for APRE?

Jules: “World domination (laughs). It’s just to keep on writing songs. It’s the most amazing thing to be able to make a living out of music, so as long as we can do that, write songs and perform for people, then that’s okay.”

Charlie: “I think the idea for this year would be to smash our upcoming tour and make it the best that it can be, which is what we’re working towards now. There’ll be more B-side track singles coming out as well, and then over the summer, we’ll probably do some support tours and festivals. After that, it’ll be another headline tour at bigger venues, and then maybe an album at the end of 2020/early 2021.”

What should fans specifically look out for during the upcoming tour, especially up in the North-West?

Jules: “We’ve got a bunch of new songs that we’re gonna play, some new clothing (laughs) with tour costumes, and we’ve also got a pretty mental lighting rig that’s gonna be used. I’ve never even thought about our lights, so this will be all-new for us. I think we’ll be doing every single, except Backstreet as we hate that song (laughs), so everybody will hear the classics.”

Finally, can you tell us a fact which fans might not know about APRE?

Charlie: “Jules is Polish, so there you go (laughs)!”

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