Mabel Music Review – O2 Academy, Liverpool

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Format: Gig
Genre: Pop & R&B
Performer: Mabel
Review Date: February 4 2020
Performance: February 4 2020
Location: O2 Academy, Liverpool

Having enjoyed a highly prosperous 2019, 2020 seems even brighter for Mabel, and she has already entered the new year with her biggest UK tour yet, which included a visit to Liverpool’s O2 Academy.


Mabel opened her gig with Mad Love, a track released as a single last June from her High Expectations album. This was followed by Bad Behaviour and Finders Keepers, which was the song that began to put Mabel on the map upon its release in 2017. With the O2 crowd starting to relish the experience of seeing Mabel live, the female star (who was born in Malaga, Spain) ran through more tunes from her previous albums, with the most recognisable being One Shot.

There was good variety to be found across her already-extensive back catalogue, despite her still being a relative newcomer to the mainstream music stage. OK (Anxiety Anthem) was a particularly noteworthy track, and one that has an important message beyond the simple enjoyment of lyrics and a beat. Following Fine Line and God Is A Dancer, Mabel treated the Liverpudlians on hand to an encore, which saw her perform Ring Ring and her most famous and successful tune to date, Don’t Call Me Up, to bring the night to a close to a strong reaction from those assembled in the O2 Academy.


Mabel provides a unique blend of pop and R&B, merging the two to create a style that is familiar yet unique. In a live setting, this makes for an enjoyable night of music, because there are tunes for everybody’s distinctive tastes, whether it be singing along, dancing like there is no tomorrow, or listening closely to the meaning behind particular lyrics (which provides evidence of her talents as a songwriter too). At age 23 and set to turn 24 in a matter of weeks, it’s worth remembering too that Mabel is still in the early stages of her career, and is likely to enjoy her most prosperous levels of success over the course of the 2020s. Therefore, while shows like this are a blast, it is just as exciting to consider what she will go on to achieve. She certainly has a devoted fan base as evidenced here, and she demonstrated her vocal talents to a very high level on this night.


Mabel’s tour is continuing across the UK, and her show in Liverpool earned two thumbs up from us. Check her out if she comes to your local music venue!


Target Audience: Age 18+
Recommendation: Yes
Overall Rating: 8.5/10 – Excellent

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