Take You Dancing Song Review – Jason Derulo

Take You Dancing
Image Source: David Strbik

Title: Take You Dancing
Artist: Jason Derulo
Label: Atlantic Records
Writers: Jason Derulo, Shawn Charles, Sarah Solovay, Teemu Brunila & Emanuel “Eman” Kiriakou
Genre: Dance
Format: Song
Running Time: 03:10
Release Date: July 22 2020

The highly-sought singer Jason Derulo strikes again with another catchy single, and this time it’s the upbeat Take You Dancing. Regarding his latest hit, Derulo expresses hope that this single “can be a light in these trying days”. That’s a statement I certainly agree with. In true Derulo fashion, it’s a combination of various genres, emulating different moods. It’s sultry but also cheeky, flirty and fun. The track is a pop-meets-R&B tune, one that will welcome back clubgoers in the near-future with open arms. Also in the mix is the Latin, almost ballroom twist that it has. And it all ties together with the unique signature stamp which we have on every Derulo song. That would be the “Jason Derulo” marker, which grows in popularity further due to TikTok.

This is the latest music review for our site, following reviews of Reunions by Jason DeBell and The 400 Unit and Almost Autumn by Joelle Edwards. So, let’s see what Take You Dancing has to offer!

Take You Dancing


Take You Dancing begins with a combination of gentle guitar-playing and a soft voice as the song establishes itself, which reminds me of the iconic intro to Susanne Vega’s Tom’s Diner (Google it; you’ll know it, I promise you). It then quickly adds a beat to really set the upbeat mood and lock the infectious rhythm in place. A combination of acoustic and dance, Take You Dancing builds up to the chilled pre-chorus, “[…] run away, I know that I should/But my heart wanna stay”, before hitting the chorus, which showcases Derulo’s impressive high vocals.

Yet it is the final “Let me take you dancing” of the chorus which is the one to get the most excited about. Following this, the song brings back the gentle voice from the start, this time heightened with an explosive dance track that screams for a club rave or a workout session. And the moves stand out the most from this track.

Music Video

What I really love about this single is the music video. I am a big fan of music videos. Honestly, I believe that they can really heighten the story and indeed, the enjoyment of a song. And it seems that the value of the music video has been truly recognised in this era of the reviving dance trend craze. Combine that with lockdown, and here we have the TikTok dance phenomenon, something which Jason Derulo has joined in on. No doubt, the Take You Dancing music video is a fantastic addition to the TikTok dance trend. But TikTok or not, these energising dance moves will catch on fiercely. Just like Daði Freyr’s simple but jazzy moves in his Eurovision entry Think About Things.

I absolutely love the music video to Take You Dancing. The choreography is amazing, and the performance levels are very high, harking back to Derulo’s extensive performance experience. In particular, that retro zing threads throughout the dance video. And the return of the beloved Running Man in that explosive dance break will make this song a club classic. After all, it adds the “just having fun” feel to the song. And this reminds us that in a very solemn world, sometimes the only answer is to just dance.

The Artist

Jason Derulo has had a musically lucrative and highly successful career. Initially recruited as a songwriter, Derulo would release Whatcha Say in 2009, his first single, to rocket him to stardom. Since then, he has reaped the rewards, with hits such as In My Head, Ridin’ Solo, Talk Dirty feat. 2 Chainz and Want You To Want Me. Each of those would earn him 4x platinum certification from the RIAA. Another recent hit includes Wiggle feat. Snoop Dogg (3x platinum). And then there’s Swalla feat. Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign (2x platinum).

Yet his musical talent spans beyond the hits he continues to release. In 2018, at the European Music Awards, Derulo would stun fans with his performance of Andrea Bocelli’s Time to Say Goodbye. Jason would later reveal his extensive training in classical singing. Let’s not forget his role in the musical movie Cats a year later, highlighting his performing arts background. He is next set to star in the biographical film Spinning Gold, playing soul icon Ron Isley.


With this range of arts and performance talent, Take You Dancing is an explosion of range and texture. I love the last chorus in its layering of more instruments. This has the introduction of the piano and the violin. Not forgetting the echoing voices in the faint distance, giving the song more of a ballroom feel to it. Derulo’s songs are always twisting genres, highlighting that music is an art to truly have fun with. And this is what I love about the artist: his enthusiasm and charm when performing.


Take You Dancing is certain to reign over our summer, adding some fun where fun is well and truly due. And I expect to see a lot more Running Man enthusiasts in the next few weeks!

Overall Rating: 9/10 – Outstanding

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