The Wandering Hearts Review – O2 Academy 2, Liverpool

The Wandering Hearts
Image Source: The Wandering Hearts

This is our music review of The Wandering Hearts at Liverpool‘s O2 Academy 2. So, let’s take a look at The Wandering Hearts!

Description Of The Wandering Hearts

This was our chance to see the talented trio perform live for the first time. And they certainly lived up to expectations! Francesca “Chess” Whiffin, Tara Wilcox, and AJ Dean took to the stage to a big reaction. The good thing about the O2 Academy is that it attracts diehard music fans. These are the supporters that follow a band on every step of their journey. And this gives the trio a great platform on which to perform. That’s because everyone is on hand to have a good time while appreciating a versatile group.

We got to hear plenty of their best hits so far during this show. Hammer Falls was a great example, with fans popping before a single lyric had been sung. One track that delivered truly meaningful words was Your Love Hurts, a slower ballad with heart. Meanwhile, Never Too Late increased the tempo so that fans could clap along and sport smiles while singing along. And then we come to Instead Of You, the newest work from the band. The harmonies for this track in particular were superb and raised the roof. As it’s only just been released, expect to hear this track a lot more in the coming weeks and months. But it was great just to hear it here live. And it’s one of the numerous reasons why the trio merited their huge ovation to close the show.

Analysis Of The Wandering Hearts

It was a thrill to see The Wandering Hearts live and in person. And it also made a nice change of pace at Liverpool’s O2 Academy. The venue tends to have a reputation for showcasing hard rock music. But with this trio, their style lies in a different place amongst country, folk, and Americana. In fact, their music regularly leads the charts in both the UK and US for their genres. And yet they still feel like something of a hidden gem. Thankfully, getting to see them perform live here means that the secret is out.

Not only are their vocal stylings unique as a band, but there is clear harmony and chemistry in their performances. Francesca, Tara, and AJ are all very talented musicians. (They often play the guitar alongside the backing performers as well as sing). But when you bring them together, they really do create magic. Not only that, but they create a friendly, laidback environment for their concerts. All while still delivering serious messages through their tracks that can resonate with anyone in attendance. I must also give a special mention to Laura Oakes, who provided support at the start of the show. She is a very accomplished country singer in her own right, with her performance drawing strong cheers. And I would certainly go along to see Laura and her own set in the future.

Summary Of The Wandering Hearts

This was a fabulous demonstration of country and folk music, and an ideal display of Americana. The Wandering Hearts were spectacular from start to finish, delivering a gig that excelled on every level. Their UK tour continues, but no doubt that they will return to Liverpool in the future. I strongly urge any fans of country music to check out this band, as you’ll relish the experience.

Overall Rating: 9/10 – Outstanding