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Lana Del Rey Watercolour Eyes
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This is our review of Lana Del Rey’s latest single, Watercolour Eyes. Written for the HBO TV drama series Euphoria, the song was released January 21 2022. Watercolour Eyes was written by Lana Del Rey and Nasri Tony Atweh and produced by Atweh and Drew Erickson. So, let’s take a look at Watercolour Eyes!

Watercolour Eyes

Description Of Watercolour Eyes

New York singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey has been releasing music for more than twenty years under different pseudonyms. The heart of her craft has always been the raw emotion that she effortlessly injects into every song. Her first two studio albums Born to Die and Ultraviolence were poster children for the 2010s Tumblr aesthetic of soft, feminine grunge. And Del Rey received constantly criticism for romanticising mental illness and addiction. This show captures the very essence of Del Rey’s artistic style. Euphoria is a teen drama about addictions, relationships and mental health struggles of teenagers in the USA. Watercolour Eyes is the latest single from Lana Del Rey and was written for Season Two of Euphoria. 

The song glimmers with the same radiance as a lot of Del Rey’s previous singles; the wandering electric guitar coupled with muted piano chords makes for a thoughtful and longing emotional ballad. Lana Del Rey became renowned in the early 2010s for her deep, sultry alto vocals. In the past few years, has taken a more light and airy approach with her singing style.

Analysis Of Watercolour Eyes

In Watercolour Eyes, Del Rey relies heavily on reverb, as she does in a lot of her tracks. Her voice remains as intimate and candid as ever, as if she were whispering sweet nothings directly into your ear. It is particularly noticeable during the choruses that the vocals sound a tad rushed, even out of time. This is a theme I have noticed in Del Rey’s production in more recent years; her first few albums sounded very polished and professional. Since Lust for Life, Del Rey seems to have taken a more relaxed approach to the production quality of her songs. This casual production may have been an artistic decision, but the result instead ends up sounding unfinished and even sometimes sloppy. 

The melody of the song, especially the chorus, is incredibly catchy and hauntingly beautiful. Del Rey sings the chorus in an almost childlike rhythm. Paired with her breathy, baby-voiced vocals, gives the song a youthful vibe. This contrasts the dark, edgy guitar, reflecting on the tone of Euphoria perfectly. Despite being a magnificently emotional ballad, the song struggles to really take off and becomes rather repetitive towards the end. The song really could have benefited from a bridge or a simple guitar solo to shake things up. 

Summary Of Watercolour Eyes

Watercolour Eyes is another stunning love ballad from Lana Del Rey that encapsulates the beauty, drama and heartbreak of Euphoria. However, Watercolour Eyes lacks the staying power of some of Del Rey’s earlier hits, such as Video Games or Young and Beautiful. I feel her use of the same dark chords and falsetto vocals will become tedious over time. I would like to see Del Rey’s next single explore a new musical direction. Del Rey would benefit from venturing further into the soft rock genre that she excelled in with her Ultraviolence album. Del Rey’s sad-girl persona and captivating storytelling would make her an unforgettable modern rockstar, solidifying her place as one of the greatest songwriters of our time. 

Overall Rating: 7/10 – Respectable 

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